TWD RTS: Region Transfer Update, All Regions Lock June 26th – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

TWD RTS: Region Transfer Update, All Regions Lock June 26th – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

hello the survivors and welcome to
another Walking Dead Road to survival video and this video is going to be
about some region transfer changes that are going to be coming to the game on
June the 26th and this is going to block people from leaving servers from that
day forward but there will be windows that open in the future past that date
to allow people to transfer regions it just won’t be free to transfer as it is
right now I’ll read through the announcement and it says last year we
rolled out the region transfer feature in road to survival that allowed players and
factions to transfer from one region to another the intent of region transfer
was to allow players and factions the opportunity to move to different regions
to play with friends and to seek new competitive experiences what we’ve seen
and heard from the community was that the frequency at which people transfer
between regions is causing disruptions to the tight-knit communities that exist
within regions we are also observing that some factions are moving to regions
to seek unfair competitive advantages which undermines the ability to create
balanced matchmaking especially for cross region war in an effort to foster
stronger community relationships and improve the gameplay experience for
players we’ll be making some changes to the availability of region transfer
starting on June 26th we will turn off outbound region transfers for all
regions after June 26th region transfer will only be available for limited
windows of time on a periodic basis we believe these changes to region transfer
will allow for better event regulation fairer competition amongst players and
factions and improve the overall health of all regions it will also allow
players to benefit from better event planning and more consistent activity
scheduling in the game we will be actively monitoring the latest iteration to
region transfer and bring in further tweaks if necessary please transfer to
your desired region prior to the region locking on June 26th we look forward to
your feedback in order to help us manage region transfer availability going
forward thanks the walking dead team so these are the main two things about this
obviously it’s starting on June 26 they’re going to turn off outbound
region transfers for all regions and after June 26th periodically
they’re going to open limited windows where you know factions and individuals
can transfer if they so wish now there are going to be some upsides and some
downsides to this in terms of the wider game and just like individually people
are going to want a lot of freedom to just move around do remember we never
had the capability to transfer for years so having it so we could only transfer
every now and again isn’t that much of a big deal I don’t think people should be
transferring that often if I’m honest if you’re having to transfer a lot anyway
there’s something going on there there’s something going wrong you shouldn’t be
transferring that often I think the way they should be doing the transfers as
well as if they try and time it around stashes obviously right now if you
transfer and you’ve got a stash in progress it resets your progress on that
stash so let’s say they have it so every two months or every three months that
the limited window is open they can time the stashes to end before those windows
open and that would actually be really good for the player base they could also
try on time let’s say war of champions during that window so that people who
wanted to you know participate or qualify to participate in War of champions
could transfer to the war of champions region and participate you know pretty
much as simple as that and one thing to mention as well is this
is actually going to be not financially beneficial for Scopely to do at all
they’re probably going to lose out on money overall in terms of when faction
transfers open and when individual transfers are open if it’s open 24/7
then constantly people are going to be buying Keys constantly people going to be
able to transfer this is going to reduce that I’d say this is actually quite a
good player first thing to come in they’ve obviously checked the
feedback because there’s no benefit financially and if there’s a financial
benefit a lot of people would say yes definitely you can see why Scopely are
doing this is because there’s a financial benefit but there’s zero
financial benefit here it’s actually a disadvantage it’s not a benefit at all
you they are potentially going to lose money from this so this is a good thing
and this is what we want we want player first we want them thinking about individuals
in the community we want them thinking about regions
I do think region merging should probably come in because there are some
very low population regions and they must know when they run blitz Wars where there’s some regions that probably don’t get more
than like 15 to 20 Wars and that region needs to merge with someone
else or at least have enforced transferring may be an enforced transfer
in terms of maybe giving them some compensation I don’t know what you could
give free transfer and maybe some coins I don’t know what else you could give
them but there are some regions that just don’t have a lot of players on it
and really just shouldn’t be a region anymore should definitely be merged with
two or three of the regions that are in the same position but do tell me your
thoughts on the locking of regions and obviously you know region transfers
becoming like a periodic window based thing in the future but that is the end of my
video thank you very much for tuning in and as always keep on surviving guys
keep on surviving

13 comments on “TWD RTS: Region Transfer Update, All Regions Lock June 26th – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

  1. i wanna know where is "walk horde"??????? Honestly, I was waiting for more, i hoped win fast alpha ;-;

  2. Hello mr lockdown
    I got a question is it smart to link your Fb account?
    I have heared else its a hassle getting account back

  3. I like this change, our region is kinda young, was opened for inbound transfers not long ago, and Endgame showed up. I dont understand why a massive faction with over 5mil rep needs to move to a region like ours. It seems all the big factions talk about wanting more competition but really they dont :p

  4. There is ZERO player benefit to this! This will screw over the players that transferred to a new region on the promise that it was "So active and fun!!" Only to find out that the people recruiting wanted a better player to come in and carry them. This will lock those players in those dead and non-competitive regions with no way to get out until the Underlords at Scopely say they can. The only people that don't like region transfers are the inactive factions and people who don't want any competition coming in who would make them actually have to work for the rewards.

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