Two Friends Explain How To Save For A Big Trip

Two Friends Explain How To Save For A Big Trip

If I weren’t in Fiji, I’d probably be back in San Francisco working a tech job and driving something electric. [laughs] Hi, I’m Jose. I used to sell WiFi
for a living. And I’m Owen. I’m a reporter in New York City. Jose: And we sailed together
from Fiji to New Zealand. Owen: Well, Jose had been bugging me for a couple of years to go meet him out in Fiji on the boat. Jose: Bugging you, huh? Owen: Yeah, well. We just both had that sense of adventure and loved the water. Jose: I had a time-share
with a couple of friends for a sailboat in San Francisco, and we’d go out sailing
every single day after work because it was cheaper
than going to the bar. We would always have
the same conversation, what if the water were clearer, what if the water were warmer, and what if we didn’t have to go to work. Owen: And he really hasn’t
been back to work since. [laughs] I had just gotten a couple of freelance writing assignments. So I booked a one-way ticket to Fiji. Jose: I started doing things like renting out my bedroom online so that I could sleep on the boat and save some money there. And then, when I realized
how much money you can make for an apartment in San Francisco, it went from just the
weekend to a couple weekdays, and I just kept on raising the price. I think a big advice that I can pass on is to just live within your means, and if you get a pay increase at work, don’t change your lifestyle too much. Just put it away and start saving it. Owen: Jose’s money style
is calculated, responsible, polar opposite of mine. Jose: I like to find solutions. If I don’t want to spend
money on something, I’ll find an alternative. When’s the last time you checked your bank account, Owen? [laughs] Owen: A month or two ago. Jose: Designating roles on
the boat was really easy between us because he’s
a master fisherman, so he kept us fed, and I
just kept the boat going. We caught a shark once. Owen: We didn’t eat the shark.
Jose: We released that one. It’s definitely worth the expense, that’s why I’m still doing it. Owen: A thousand percent. Jose: I do like to break even, so I take on people as crew. Owen: Look, I’m not saying everybody needs to go sail off into the sunset after quitting their job, proverbially or otherwise.
Jose: I am. But it encouraged me and inspired me to do a lot more with my life.

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  1. If you enjoy traveling, it far outweighs the price. The memories far outweigh the expense. Also, you never know what curveballs life will throw at you, so travel while you're healthy and young. I know this firsthand. ❤

  2. While these two probably are more than “friends” I resent the comments that suggest two single men above 30 can’t do anything fun together without sex on our minds.

  3. The one things you’re going to focus on is if THEYRE JUST FRIENDS!? None of my damn business. Good for them. Travel as often and as far as you can

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