UK Cameron promises in/out referendum on EU membership

UK Cameron promises in/out referendum on EU membership

It is much more likely that the British people
will reject the EU. That is why I am in favour of a referendum.
I believe in confronting this issue – shaping it, leading the debate. Not simply hoping
a difficult situation will go away. Some argue that the solution is therefore
to hold a straight in-out referendum now. I understand the impatience of wanting to
make that choice immediately. But I don’t believe that to make a decision
at this moment is the right way forward, either for Britain or for Europe as a whole.
A vote today between the status quo and leaving would be an entirely false choice.
Now – while the EU is in flux, and when we don’t know what the future holds and what
sort of EU will emerge from this crisis is not the right time to make such a momentous
decision about the future of our country.  It is wrong to ask people whether to stay
or go before we have had a chance to put the relationship right.
How can we sensibly answer the question ‘in or out’ without being able to answer the
most basic question: ‘what is it exactly that we are choosing to be in or out of?’
The European Union that emerges from the Eurozone crisis is going to be a very different body.
It will be transformed perhaps beyond recognition by the measures needed to save the Eurozone.
We need to allow some time for that to happen – and help to shape the future of the European
Union, so that when the choice comes it will be a real one.
A real choice between leaving or being part of a new settlement in which Britain shapes
and respects the rules of the single market but is protected by fair safeguards, and free
of the spurious regulation which damages Europe’s competitiveness.
A choice between leaving or being part of a new settlement in which Britain is at the
forefront of collective action on issues like foreign policy and trade and where we leave
the door firmly open to new members. A new settlement subject to the democratic
legitimacy and accountability of national parliaments where Member States combine in
flexible cooperation, respecting national differences not always trying to eliminate
them and in which we have proved that some powers can in fact be returned to Member States.
In other words, a settlement which would be entirely in keeping with the mission for an
updated European Union I have described today. More flexible, more adaptable, more open – fit
for the challenges of the modern age. And to those who say a new settlement can’t
be negotiated, I would say listen to the views of other parties in other European countries
arguing for powers to flow back to European states.
And look too at what we have achieved already. Ending Britain’s obligation to bail-out
Eurozone members. Keeping Britain out of the fiscal compact. Launching a process to return
some existing justice and home affairs powers. Securing protections on Banking Union. And
reforming fisheries policy. So we are starting to shape the reforms we
need now.  Some will not require Treaty change. But I agree too with what President Barroso
and others have said. At some stage in the next few years the EU will need to agree on
Treaty change to make the changes needed for the long term future of the Euro and to entrench
the diverse, competitive, democratically accountable Europe that we seek.
I believe the best way to do this will be in a new Treaty so I add my voice to those
who are already calling for this. My strong preference is to enact these changes
for the entire EU, not just for Britain. But if there is no appetite for a new Treaty
for us all then of course Britain should be ready to address the changes we need in a
negotiation with our European partners. The next Conservative Manifesto in 2015 will
ask for a mandate from the British people for a Conservative Government to negotiate
a new settlement with our European partners in the next Parliament.
It will be a relationship with the Single Market at its heart.
And when we have negotiated that new settlement, we will give the British people a referendum
with a very simple in or out choice. To stay in the EU on these new terms; or come out
altogether. It will be an in-out referendum.
Legislation will be drafted before the next election. And if a Conservative Government
is elected we will introduce the enabling legislation immediately and pass it by the
end of that year. And we will complete this negotiation and hold this referendum within
the first half of the next parliament. It is time for the British people to have
their say. It is time to settle this European question in British politics.
I say to the British people: this will be your decision.
And when that choice comes, you will have an important choice to make about our country’s
destiny. I understand the appeal of going it alone,
of charting our own course. But it will be a decision we will have to take with cool
heads. Proponents of both sides of the argument will need to avoid exaggerating their claims.
Of course Britain could make her own way in the world, outside the EU, if we chose to
do so. So could any other Member State. But the question we will have to ask ourselves
is this: is that the very best future for our country?
We will have to weigh carefully where our true national interest lies.
Alone, we would be free to take our own decisions, just as we would be freed of our solemn obligation
to defend our allies if we left NATO. But we don’t leave NATO because it is in our
national interest to stay and benefit from its collective defence guarantee.
We have more power and influence – whether implementing sanctions against Iran or Syria,
or promoting democracy in Burma – if we can act together.
If we leave the EU, we cannot of course leave Europe. It will remain for many years our
biggest market, and forever our geographical neighbourhood. We are tied by a complex web
of legal commitments. Hundreds of thousands of British people now
take for granted their right to work, live or retire in any other EU country.
Even if we pulled out completely, decisions made in the EU would continue to have a profound
effect on our country. But we would have lost all our remaining vetoes and our voice in
those decisions. We would need to weigh up very carefully the
consequences of no longer being inside the EU and its single market, as a full member.

100 comments on “UK Cameron promises in/out referendum on EU membership

  1. UK Citizens want to leave because the EU has turned into a clumsy administative lump that pays EU ministers to ride the gravx train rather than be productive. I think many countries feel this way. As he said though, leaving will not change the EU´s decision making policy. The revolution needs to come from within. Cant dance if you are standing outside

  2. I'm not so sure that the banks learned their lesson. Some of them earned a lot of money in or after the crisis. Further they have no worries as long they're system-relevant. The governments are going to help them to save the rest of the economy.
    It needs strict rules or they will continue this lunacy.

  3. Finally!! shame we have to vote in Cameron back in and also wait 5 years for the chance in voting out of the EU, shame by then we will have a load more eastern europeans coming to the UK.

    The EU budget increase is a load of rubbish, we have the poorer EU nations wanting a increase and us who can ill afford a increase against but we are powerless to freeze or reduce it.

    I want my kids to grow up knowing they dont have to fight for houses & jobs against the eastern europeans…VOTE UKIP

  4. UKIP is a threat to the the torries, Cameron has to obey his neo-con back benchers & his Master Rupert Murdoch. This is political arse licking.

  5. More smoke & mirrors,he wont give us the vote now because he knows the country wants out,its time to stop the flood of eastern europeans,ukip is the only party willing to give us the simple in/out vote.the simple answer is vote UKIP

  6. Cameron's promise of a referendum is drivel. Firstly, he made exactly the same promise before the last election, then backtracked when he won. This is just more of the same, so why should we believe a word he says? Next, he must have a pretty good idea that he won't even be in power after the next election, so in essence he is making a promise he knows he won't have to keep. And stand by for a massive pro-EU propaganda campaign. Funded, of course, by us taxpayers. Mr Slippery at his best.

  7. I know but don't you agree that there must put on end on those rating bureaus? This is just not fair, this mentality of puting a label on some country just before an EU top, or on other must unwanted moments.

  8. Why have another country tell u what to do. In Ireland I am sick of eu policies rules and regulations, the eu should only be used as a trading partner and nothing more what each country does is there business . If I'm being honest the UK will leave but so too will the other countries. It will be Europe not EU. The only pro Europeans out there are the states that are less well off.

  9. Your arrogance amazes me. Let's see – we "simpletons" elect people to represent us, then should ignore the fact that they utterly disregard our views until they next need our vote. Dear me! And "people have no business in this". So the EU, which impacts upon practically every aspect of our lives, is none of our business? We should just shut up and defer to the superior intellects of our betters. You, for example. You should be an EU commissar. Your totalitarian views would fit right in. Cont.

  10. Cont. We have a massive and increasing trade deficit with the EU, and it accounts for less than 50% of our overall trade. Trade with the rest of the world is increasing-up 13%. We pay £54 million a day to belong. Circa 75% of our laws originate within the EU. We have 21% youth unemployment yet are obliged to admit those we know won't find jobs, at massive cost in benefits, the NHS, housing etc. And we no longer elect the majority of those who govern us, and that is dictatorship. UKIP for me.

  11. Who said anything about giving up our EU markets? We are happy to continue our trading relationship with the EU. And out, we'd be able to forge our own free trade agreements elsewhere. What we don't want is political union. We Brits, "cretins", I believe you called us, have grown rather fond of governing ourselves. However imperfect, that's democracy. We also don't want EU law to take precedence over ours, forged over centuries. We happen to like the independence we fought to wars to keep.

  12. This nation was built on immigration? You are not only arrogant but delusional too. This country was built by the wit, intelligence, invention, ambition, exploration and desire of the peoples of these islands long before immigration became an issue. Our language is the language of technology and commerce, and is spoken all over the globe. The Industrial Revolution started here. Our inventions helped form modern medicine and technology. And whilst we are not the power we were, we are still Brit.

  13. Partnership within the EU can only be deemed such if it is the wish of the people involved. And the mere fact that 75% of our laws emanate from the EU of itself undermines our liberty. We are-or rather were-a democratic nation state. We should have the right to govern ourselves, protect our borders, make our own laws, forge our own trade agreements and alliances etc. Those rights have been taken from us, against our wishes, and however you dress it up that is totalitarianism, not democracy.

  14. You seem to have drifted off the point YOU made, that this nation was built on immigration. I made no reference to the EU in my response.

  15. I made absolutely NO mention of "cherrypicking", so please stop putting words into my mouth. I want out, full stop, and so do 70% of the UK electorate. What part of "that's democracy" can't you grasp? We can argue all day about the finer points, but the fact remains that we Brits have made the decision that we no longer wish to be a part of the EU, and that wish should be respected. I couldn't care less what the rest of the EU think about that. It's not their choice to make, it's ours.

  16. Just visited your channel and read some of your other posts. One inparticular stood out – "we pro-Europeans believe in the – – disenfranchisement of the hideous working classes". or to put it more simply, we should not have the right to vote, but rather be told what to do by our "superiors". Feudal, communist, fascist, which is it? Take your pick, folks. This is what our European masters and their fanatical, almost evangenical supporters believe in. The words "unter menchen" spring to mind.

  17. I think "nocturnal97" is a troll, and I too have wasted enough time talking to him. He responds to points made with misdirection, half truths, and minutiae. He also critically responds to points you haven't made in such a manner as to suggest you have. BTW, you read about the EU report suggesting the setting up of media watchdogs in member states? If true, you have to ask what they'll be watching, and why. That they even went there gives an indication of their mindset. Worth keeping an eye on.

  18. Further to my comment below re the EU suggesting the setting up of pan-European media watchdogs. The committee was tasked with looking at ways to protect press freedom and, tellingly, ensuring the media was free from political influence and did not abuse their power. And who is to monitor this committee? Brussels. And if not immediately then certainly in the future who will decide what constitutes "political influence" or "abuse of power"? Take a guess. Early stages, but worrying.

  19. And from this point he will be ignored. And I did get the impression that he was Indian, though I probably arrived at that conclusion because of his misdirection. Not that it makes any difference. A troll is a troll. And if you're interested, take a look at my comments (currently, at 1110 hrs, at the top of this page) re the proposed trans-European watchdog. As history shows, control the media and you control the people.

  20. Well said! This most recent poll indicating that the Conservatives rose and UKIP fell a bit does not make any sense. Then again it is how the poll was taken, or the questions were slanted in Cameron's favour. The public should have a vote now, not way down the road. UKIP should have gained by Cameron's double talk and obvious sell out.

  21. Easy to pick out the English here, all Xenophobes, but like foreigners to come to the UK and do the jobs they don't want to do on crap money, while they sit on their oversized backsides claiming benefits and then blame hardworking foreigners on working hard, earning money and buying their own properties. You should be ashamed. The UK doesn't make anything anymore, hasn't done for years so would sink like a stone without the EU with or without foreigners.

  22. well it depends on how much of those are skilled or unskilled. here in the US, we have a lot of doctors, nurses, scientists, etc coming from around the world(most from asia)… so it really depends if those people going to the UK are giving back to the system or just getting all the benefits

  23. and poor beggar southern europeans do not care about their own self-interest? Leeching of their more prosperous nothern european neighbours?

  24. totally agree, euro is a sinking ship. better leave now then later, Lady Thatcher predict this would happened 23 years ago, but its now up to the ppl of Uk to decide their own future.

  25. millions of Brits are being displaced by migrant workers, because bosses are already undercutting their living standards. But keep your champagne socialist head in the sand.

  26. Millions of Brits live abroad in Europe ,Africa ,Australia etc Many jobs are out-sourced to India also .Many immigrants do jobs Brits dont want and some bosses do take advantage .The unions are strong in France and look after their workers .In the UK the workers unions have been weakened by Tory laws and propaganda bt press barons.Many Brits are politically naive and vote the millionaire class in ,who make wealth gap worse in Europe .Give them MORE POWER and live to regret it .

  27. Sadly ,you are right ! In a country where the best selling newspaper is the SUN and the workers are the least educated in Europe and politically naive .(They vote in millionaire Toffs) and are persuaded by the establishment media that they should continue paying their taxes to keep an exceedingly wealthy family of English aristocrats in a country that has the widest health gap in Europe .Now the right wing are trying to get rid of any workers rights we have by exiting Europe .God help us !

  28. Brits can't compete with migrants that have 1/4 of the costs because they have families in low-cost countries and living in squalid conditions. Never would i imagine the Left being the best allied of a gecko capitalist industrialist. Congratulation champagne socialist on selling out the working classes.

  29. 1/4 of the cost ? how come ,if they live in Britain. Gecko capitalist industrialist ? champagne socialist ? Where did you pick such childish sayings from ? A National Front meeting or similar . Goodbye you're just a pleb ie a SUN reader .

  30. think. If a brit is housing and raising his family in britain and a polish builder is living with 7 others, with his wife and kids living in Poland. Who do you think can work for less money and undercut the other one?

  31. Tory millionaire cabinet that are reducing the living standard of ordinary people .Many Brits are "lead swingers " Polish workers do many jobs lazy Brits look down on .Besides we were real glad of them in the RAF and army during the war years Am going out now for a delicious Thai curry ! Thank god for our mixed culture ,otherwise it would have been a wet hotdog or greasy salt lashed fish +chips .lol What concerns me is no medical checks on people from 3 world countries. Syphilis+TB are back .

  32. like i said. You lead a life of a privileged upper-middle class leftie and look down on the white working class brits, claiming they are too lazy to do work.

    Another champagne socialist.

  33. Too many working class kids come from families who "Don;t talk politics ! As a result,we have many workers who get their views from the monopolized press and establishment media .You get poor people voting for the Tories and are sold on the idea by the establishment that its good to keep a extremely wealthy English aristocratic family with their taxes ." Oh They attract tourist" Who would want to see the Muppet's from spitting image ?like in France ,its the architecture they like . I'm a soc

  34. you know why the royals are popular? Because they remind working Brits of a past UK. A Britain that was more harmonious and monocultural. A britain they could recognize. I have to say the your immigration and economic policy probably saved the Royals for the next 100 years. lol

  35. socialist because the ones who produce the wealth should get a better deal .Trouble is the rich have convinced the people who would benefit ,that it is all Stalinist stuff After the war people in the UK adored the communist even our top agents defected inc.Sir Anthony Blunt the Queens art expert .lol .Establishment were terrified .Workers got NHS ,Council houses .Education ,Benefits etc .When soviets crashed all these "benefits" are being clawed back Milk snatcher Thacher started it !

  36. That's the second time he has told that lie…. he's no better than Blair & Brown….. Surely somebody can stop these people…. Go Farage 🙂

  37. I didn't say they'd win, I said they'd have to work on a new government to get the referendum, i.e. whomever is in power and saying "nah Cameron promised that, we didn't", UKIP will then need to work on them to get the referendum.

  38. My question to everyone on here is what will you vote if we get the "in or out" vote?
    All polls i have seen suggest we will be leaving the EU should we get a vote. Is that going to be a good thing or bad? Is Champions league football the only thing we will really miss?

  39. You know what certain British people are more stupid than i thought. Why on earth do you want to leave the EU all the other most successful country's like Germany and France are in the EU and many others want to join so why do you want to leave? Just because you have to put up with a few rules? Because if we leave guess what there will be no trade as other countries won't gain from setting up in our country, we will have racist people so tory or UKIP leading us and it will be a mess vote LABOUR

  40. UKIP will never win an election because they are too extreme right wing and if people don't know what that means another example of extreme right wing beliefs would be the nazi party.

  41. The EU is on a destructive path, many German voters are fed up with picking up the heavy bill for bailouts (even though the Lisbon treaty forbade any such bailouts – another corruption) it is not just "a few rules" is it, vote labour and end up in the mess we are struggling to deal with now, let me see, the gold fuck up, the illegal war, scandal after scandal, i hope labour don't get in

  42. Yeah Dave,, dangle a carrot infront of our noses to secure another vote in the next election. You are a dumb ass fuckwit , me and my whole family don't believe a word of your bullshit and we will all be voting UKIP. You are just another banker puppet and have no interest in this country or it's people. You are a traitor to this country!

  43. The British have been very smart to be out of the Euro. It is almost as if Sorros did a deal with them to crash the pound and stay out of the Euro. It is almost as if an imperial banking system to collapse Nations with debt is like a British Empire of old. Banks controlling Europe? We're will this lead?

  44. just like the "dirty rat"he is.i have met this man and cooked his new year lunch just before his son died.may that young soul rest in peace.but he claimed all the benefits he was entitled to with a disabled he wants to take away what you didnt have when he could take it without needing it.fuck the lizard family…come to cornwall….bring guns and food…we can win

  45. Dont you talk Spanish over there,, best you go back to spain then if the Falklanders have to leave…. But hey feel free to try and take it again, that was the only war in the last 50 years I think we were right to fight. I say war but it was only 72 days LOL should of destroyed your military back then as you just dont seem to learn,, Wave to the top of the range destroyer for me pointing its missiles at you.

  46. he is a shit. he will make is money. then he will fuck off. like they all do .we are not free.the eu just keep taking from us.he is a big poll tax on us.hit the poor and then you fall. history told you that. margaret thatcher did it but at the end she hit the poor. you have dun it at the start. 'so It's goodnight from me and it's goodbye from him'?

  47. Charles de Gaulle said: "United Kingdom will be the trojan horse of the European Community".
    United kingdom and UE are damaging mutually
    UE kick the ass of United Kingdom and United Kingdom will say OUT in the referendum

  48. People are just voting UKIP as a protest vote because it use to be lib dem but now they're in power that won't work. UKIP's actual policies are awful and once people read them, they may get a few seats but never win.

  49. Look at the Torries squirm. UKIP stunned them with their victories and now all the Torries have left to cling onto for support is the EU Referendum which should of bloody happened by now. Way to win new supporters while sticking to your word Cameron. This is all they are going to stick in our faces for months to come because they think voters will keep them in government if they keep that carrot infront of our faces.

  50. Germany is superpower again builds the best uboats in world again and also german tanks are the best of the world (can dive like german uboats). there is no other nation in the next 1000 years that can take over. Also german culture dominates europe again. But what is if we have a weak germany? A weak ger is the end of europe culture. Then muslim culture will take over – and dominates euirope.

  51. ''we have more power'' no, the germans in EU do, everything we do has to go through EU. bloody idiot, just contradicted himself

  52. 65 billion a year we have to pay to be in the EU, imagine what that money could be done on our own soil?! invest in new technology, more money into hospitals,more trade, more money to go around for people in need and because less taxes will be needed to help do our annual contributions our tax we pay may finally be reduced also! if we stop being in the EU, britain will prosper as we can pay off debts and get out of this recession.EU regulation costs businesses 600 billion Euros a year

  53. The US spends $4,000/head MORE on their profit driven healthcare then Brits do on their NHS. For that extra spending, they leave 50 million people uncovered, millions more under insured, have less physicians, a lower life expectancy & a higher infant mortality with health bills being the top reason for homelessness.
    That's what you get from private health, or as Cameron calls it.. a more 'competitive' health system.


  54. "Germany is superpower again builds the best uboats in world again and also german …"

    Even thought your statement sounds a little self-important, I full agree with you. I am from Poland, but I am fully aware that there must be the EU with the German leadership, or there won't be any EU at all…

  55. I don't believe a word that comes out of Cameron's mouth. If you want to see what a true leader of this Country could look like, have a look at some of Mr Farage's speeches.

  56. Never gonna get a referendum even if he gets elected again.He said he would try to get a good deal for Britain,so if he feels hes got a good deal for Britain,no need for a referendum.another broken promise by Tory boy,who's never worked in his life

  57. David Cameron is taking the piss out of the electorate. He promised a referendum several times before and reneged every time. The solution is for everyone to vote UKIP, get the UK out of the EU and then watch the established parties change their tunes on EU membership.

  58. New Referendum parliament bill
    Opening the debate, Conservative backbencher Bob Neill's bill the MP for Bromley and Chislehurst said his bill was "about choice".
    "It's about giving the British people a choice of something that is fundamental to our constitutional arrangements and fundamental to our future," he told MPs. which provides for an in/out referendum by the end of 2017 – was unopposed at second reading.
    There are concerns over a range of European matters, including the UK's adherence to the European Arrest Warrant.
    The deceptive Lib Dems say there is no need for the referendum bill because a law passed in 2011 guarantees a vote in the event of a new treaty or change to an existing treaty resulting in a shift of powers.
    If the EAW isn't a shift of British jurisdiction powers to EU then what powers shift do the europhile Libs consider qualifies for a referendum?

    The referendum bill is welcome but a referendum to late under the Lisbon Treaty has clauses by 2017 Britain as a full member will come under article 205 so require a 2/3 EU council vote in favour for a Brexit!

  59. This guy has no intention of letting Britain out of the European Union. Gullible fools have voted this snake back in because of his referendum promise.
    We know what we are in Dave! We know what we want to get out of Dave and so do you! Get on with the referendum if you dare!

  60. UK should leave EU
    WHY Because UK is responsible , stable, and there is everything UK is independent UK will be able to be free it can take its own decisions

  61. fuck off cameron, you lying cheating robbing bastard, you fuck everyone over, your own people, you are NOTHING, after the new election you will never be able to live in this country you so pledge to support.

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