Unboxing 16 Pet Reptiles! Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons & More New Animals

Unboxing 16 Pet Reptiles! Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons & More New Animals

100 comments on “Unboxing 16 Pet Reptiles! Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons & More New Animals

  1. Many of the reptiles in this video are now for sale at http://emeraldscales.com with shipping to almost anywhere in the USA!

    Nothing catch your eye, or watching this video in the future? Join the mailing list at the base of the site for updates before anyone else.

    (This video was filmed in advanced, all animals undergo a 3-5 week quarantine before being posted, not including time for any required rehab.)

  2. random reptile channels: Hi friends! today we are unboxing some new animals. oh look, this gecko is so pretty.

    Alex meanwhile: 18:14

  3. there's a very fine line between "I'll see what this video is about to see what pets are on Emerald Scales this month! :)" and "haha funny bird man open animal loot crate with wooden spoon", and i'm okay with that.

  4. There’s a fine line of being esccentric, and being mentally unstable. You seem to be crossing that line son. Look at Elon Musk and Tesla’a stock if you need any more reason to bring it down a few notches and/or get back on your meds. You’ve worked so hard to get this company where it is, don’t just throw it all away for the possibilities of a few more views!

  5. Please do video of how to properly clean clogged femoral pores on Bearded Dragon!

    I am getting my first dragon in few months and want to make sure I treat him 100% right!

    Love your vids!

  6. My daughter turned me on to this channel. I don't own reptiles of any kind, but I enjoy them. Just bought some merch. Happy to support you.

  7. Hi Alex! I’ve been waiting so long for this video to get uploaded!!! I’m so glad Lil’ B made it safe and sound. It has been a huge relief to read some of the comments and see how loved Lil’ B already is ❤️ Sorry for that loose heat pack though 😅

  8. You can just send me all the hognoses. Seriously. We can work out a yearly fee where I just get whatever hognoses you receive 🙂 I won't re-home them though. I am where they are rehomed to

  9. Um… If we learned anything from Roger trying to be nice – you'll die if you neglect your sacrasm and pessimistic ways… ^^'

  10. I love your videos! If I were a new to Emerald Scales client I may rethink sending my animal to you after watching this video though… 😉

  11. Omg Lil B and his blanket made me so emotional this is so damn cute 😭 reminded me of how attached I am to my own beardies 🥺

  12. Hey Alex this is off topic but did you see Clint’s Reptiles’ video about spider ball pythons? What was your opinion on it?

  13. Just in case you hadn't worked it out yet, the blue tongue skink is an Indonesian species, they have black legs and don't have fully blue tongues. Idk exactly which kind, but at least 60% humidity would be required.

  14. I would love to see an in depth video on how to unclog needed dragon femoral pores since my beardie has them and I do t know what to do

  15. Please make a vid about beardies clogged pores. My boys pores are clogged and none of the videos help. Since he gets nearly daily baths

  16. The Brazilian rainbow boa is stunning. We have one at my college, his name is Merlin. He's much bigger then the one you got and a lot more of a darker red colour then orange. He's really friendly and he looks beautiful after he sheds!

  17. I think the reason I like this channel so much is that it feels more like I'm hanging out with a cousin rather than watching a youtube video about unboxing reptiles…I don't really know how to explain why.

  18. I don’t have a beardie but I think making a video about clearing the clogged pores is a really great idea. I’d watch it.

  19. Calls people idiots yet he's the childish one who shouldn't be allowed around those sharp objects acting how he does with them

  20. I'm really considering getting a reptile from your company!! My dad finally wants one lol, so I'm going to direct him towards your website because he wants a spider ball python 🤢 thanks for everything you've done to help me love reptiles and amphibians, and congrats on the company turning 2, I'll be here when it turns 22 🙂

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