#WanderMaj – Europe

#WanderMaj – Europe

She’s making me look for so many things. Why doesn’t she look for it? There, I found my passport. This is my passport. Wouldn’t wanna bother Ella. Hi guys! As you can see… I think you have an idea by now of what’s happening behind. Today is the beginning well not today, tomorrow… but let’s make it today it’s time for me to pack, and I wanted to document it and show how messy my unit is. Chos! Of course I’m gonna pack, so someone has to hold this. Ella’s here! Mamsh, hold this, please! OK. When I’m super busy, what I do is I just ask help from a stylist. They provide my clothes, and… I’ll be the one to pack them. For me, it’s hard if you don’t know what you’re wearing each day of the trip. So what I like to do is… organize everything, so when I see them… I know which pairs with which, what bag to use, what shoes… it’s a complete set. So I had my fitting earlier… Come, baby, come… So this is what I’m bringing. These are the shoes… These are the clothes. Clothes for winter… to, so… there. Now it’s time to start packing. The things you saw on my bed earlier, they’re already here. I haven’t packed the jackets yet. They’re so heavy. Crazy, I know. I don’t understand why it’s gonna be a combination of winter and summer where I’m going. Like they say Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” See?! The camera I was looking for… that Ella insisted wasn’t there! You said it wasn’t there… – it wasn’t in the suitcase…
– Oh, it’s there. I’ve rummaged through my stuff, you just kept talking! You should look with your eyes, not with your mouth. Ella proved that it’s true, because the camera is here! She said it wasn’t here but it was when I opened it! It’s here! This whole time, I was using my cellphone to vlog. But I actually have a… I have a camera for this! It’s expensive! My shots could have been nicer. It wouldn’t have shown my pores! So there, I still found it, right? But I can’t stop this video anymore. OK? And the GoPro’s here too, I’ve got a complete set. Oh man. Tip number one: know your itinerary. From the beginning, find out where you’re going… and check the weather conditions so you can separate if you have bag organizers where you can separate clothes, you can separate clothes for winter and for summer. So these are my clothes for Zurich, Bern and Zermatt. My clothes for Florence are in a different suitcase. You can’t see this. Here are my underwear… nipple tape, short shorts… to add to the warmth. I get cold easily, and I’d bring a blanket and use it in public if I could. So this is my toiletry bag. Charan! So everything is there… my napkin, panty shield, toothbrush, moisturized, shampoo, facial wash make-up remover, floss… cotton buds, conditioner, body wash… Feminine wash… So a potpourri is for when you know that you’ve eaten a bunch of stuff and you get called by the king but
a different smell comes out. You need to have potpourri. This is my… blower Renz is really kind he’ll lend you stuff. – I give stuff away.
– Yeah, he does. Just kidding, I saved for this! Just so I can at least have this. Let’s go to… the jackets. You can wear them at the same time. We’ll use a vacuum bag. This is my tip for… this is what I do I’m annoyed with Ella right now, so I just think of Ella and…? See, I opened it! Ella, Ella, Ella, ELLA! There! Got it. When packing, patience is a virtue. And then… Pamela One! Ella, have you seen my shoes for Switzerland? Your what? What do you mean, “my what”? You forgot again… I don’t even know what’s for Switzerland here! Right? If you only knew how badly I’m treated
in real life. I got people to help me in life… to make my life easier… they should make my life easier. I’m all packed for Switzerland! I have clothes for sleeping, my underwear This is what I do when I go around. So since this briefcase has a lot of space… – I can fit!
– No, you can’t. So here, I put… see, these really are for summer… It’s so thin. This is all of it! One week’s worth of summer clothes, this is it. Two sets of sleepwear. All here. So watch out for my OOTD. So strong! Darna! For the Summer in… Italy, we’ll be wearing… simple stuff. sandals. We have to bring an extra bag just in case we swipe the credit card a little too much When going to the airport, you have your brows on and all, then when you get to the plane, wash your face use make-up remover, and use some moisturizer because being on a plane dries up your skin. So here we have all the gadgets chargers, laptop charger, earphones, speakers, because you’ll play music on the plane. It’s a party! While everyone’s asleep, woo! I have a nail cutter… ear pick, for ear wax?! Ear wax? “Tuliling”. What’s “tuliling”? This is for emergencies. A pouch to put dollars in Make-up kit… I’ll fix it. Don’t forget your medicine, this should be on your hand-carry. I like bringing wet wipes the potpourri, I’m very extra about it. I’ll give the other one to my boyfriend so he has his own. So that he stops borrowing from me. Selfish?! Wait, where’s my other…? Jus kidding! Make-up kit. You think it’s just me? Him, too! Wanna get punched? So there. That’s what’s in my hand carry. Come closer. So meds, chargers… Wet wipes, potpourri… more chargers… these are important things. This is a make-up kit. All of these are make-up kits. Then… in this one, I’m gonna put extra clothes, socks, panty, bra I’m putting it there. In case of emergencies… if the flight gets delayed, extra clothes… they’re all here. You should always be prepared. So… So, there. This is where I put my sunglasses. See, I told you guys that I love hoarding wet wipes. Ready to go tomorrow. Hi guys! We’re in Switzerland already. What? the yaya vlogger… Where are we, ‘ya? Switzerland! So cold… Wow! Woo! The clothes you’re wearing… it’s like it’s summertime. Lemme see! Addie, what’s my name? What? Tita Maja. Cheers! Cheers! Take a look at my outfit. And now, we are here in… Luzern! In Luzern, in Visayas and in Mindanao! Come inside, welcome to my crib! Sunbathing is in now. Wowo-whee! Look at that. ♪ They paved paradise and put up a parking lot ♪ SINGER! So now, we’re here at the Pasig River… Chos! And then you’ll sing to me, ♪ Why do I love you so much? ♪ Love, hurry! We’re crossing the bridge! Too late. Hello, everyone! Again, we’re here at Florence at the Mercato Centrale. The Mercato Centrale… pan it. Show it. We also have Mercato in the Philippines, they got inspired by this place this place was their peg. The pizza is so good. So there, I’m all done I’m done with packing. What time is it? Oh my god, five twenty-four I need to have my hair done. I have to attend an event And Ella’s starting to be loud So I have to end this. Thank you guys, I hope you learned
something for packing. If you didn’t, I’m so sorry. If you did,
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  2. Gusto kong gayahin ang packing style mo Maja. Very organized, orderly and neat. Please share with us the name/brand of the "boxes" you used. Thank you so much for this video.

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  14. I could really relate to packing stress and what really to wear. Having been travelled to Germany, France, Swiss, Belgium, Italy or Europe really needs preparation for the OOTD’s. 🙂 Same as Asian Country like Hong Kong and Singapore travel adventure.

  15. Sobrang dami ng inimpake mo, kakapagod talaga yan. Hotels in EU provide basic toiletries and hair dryer. It is better to travel light and save suitcase space for the clothes/stuff that you’ll buy. 3 sets of clothes should be enough, anyway hotels offer laundry service naman.

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