[Weather] Dusty in central regions, light rain in evening

good morning it’s going to be a dusty
day for the central region with high levels of fine dust stagnant air flow
will boost dust levels across the country and levels will remain high all
day here in the capital so welcome rain is in store from the
evening until midnight in the central parts of the country but that’s not
going to be enough to wash away the dust in the air it’s a bit windy outside this
morning the computer yesterday it’s a lot milder and daily highs will also
have our couple notches higher than the seasonal norms and do expect milder than
seasonal average temperatures are through the middle of the week meanwhile
Daejeon and Daegu are kicking below the freezing mark this morning at minus 2
degrees Celsius 2-ton and kongjui are colder Seoul will be under a lot of
clouds of gravity daily highs will range from 4 to 15 degrees Celsius this
afternoon and other days inter-regional the rest of you can enjoy plenty of
sunshine that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers
around the world

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