What If Russia Invaded The Rest Of Europe?

What If Russia Invaded The Rest Of Europe?

Russia, the largest country in the world with
the second largest Military. Russia has been at the centre of many historical
frays and in recent history invaded Crimea. But… what if Russia were to take further
steps into Europe? Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions, the channel that looks to answer precisely those… and more. Big questions, small questions, flights of
fancy… we are here for it! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
am asking What If Russia Invaded Europe. Eeek. What a concept. Before we get into this video, I want you
guys to let me know – if there was a world war three, which country would be the most
likely to start it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
section down below! LIKE SHARE stick around to end of video. OKAY. So Vladimir Putin makes the decision to invade
Europe. Big mistake, right ? Well… most likely but before we get into the doom,
gloom and booms, lets have a look at who might be drawn into the fray if Russia did push
West. So at the moment the EU consists of Austria,
Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,
France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. We’ll get to the UK last as, as we know,
it is complicated. Primed and prepped for conflict, the key players
here would be France, Germany and Italy who are all major military nations. We can assume that the rest of the EU member
nations would support a response, drawing them in to the fray. The key nations here, outside of the big guns
are the boarder nations to Russia, so Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. These would be key military zones. I can only assume, despite a more neutral
leaning in the past, Finland would join the fight – and another key nation of course
would be Sweden who would likely call for a peaceful resolution but would be obligated
to defend the EU. Of the non member nations, I can only imagine
the Ukraine would be first in line to join the fight against Russia given the history. Turkey would also be a very key player and
a great country to have on the side of the EU. Turkey boarders Asia and Europe and is the
first access into Bulgaria and Europe. Turkey wants to join EU at the moment and
although path has been a bit Rocky they would likely be granted access if they helped fight
this war. So, what about the UK? After Brexit, would the UK join the fight
against Russia? Of course they would. Despite leaving the European Union, the UK
is still part of Europe and its neighbours are its allies. The UK would be a very key addition too, as
not only does it have a fantastic naval fleet, it also has nuclear weapons…although we
will get to those in a while. Now for Team America World Police…would
they get involved? Of course they would. Europe are the US’s allies and also…Russia
has loads of oil…so…you know. What about Russia then? Would they go it alone? It is likely that China would call for peace
without wanting to lay all of its cards on the table just yet. China probably has more sense than to fight
Europe. Although I do wonder, what with the rest of
the world distracted, who would be watching North Korea? Would they take this time to invade the South? What would be happening over there? How would Japan take all the drama? Where would Saudi and the middle east stand? For now we don’t have time to speculate…
just know that this is how world wars are started. While an allied Europe and Russia could in
theory be an equal match…or a match Europe would win if the States joined… I wonder if Russia may have an advantage of
being one cebtrally organized Superpower against a collection of other countries who need to
work together for victory. Perhaps it would try to divide and conquer. So if we are literally talking land invasion,
then I assume it would start with Russia broaching further intp the Ukraine or playing about
at its boarders. Assuming all NATO talks and calls for peace
broke down, I assume Russia would split their military personel of 1 million soldiers and
lead invasions through the Ukraine and Poland, with soldiers surrounding the rest of their
western boarders, especially Azerbajan and Georgia if Turkey were on the European side. Geographically issues like the Polish forest
and the European alps would make a full sweep neigh on impossible but perhaps the Russians
could gain some traction. The Russian and European military are quite
evenly matched, with Europe having the slight upper hand. Europe have a high defence budget, a bigger
airforce, a greater naval presence and equally impressive Tanks. This is without America’s assistance, too. BUT you know what Russia does have? Nukes. That’s right. If we are no longer talking land invasion
and we are now in the business of discussing nuclear weaponry, then Russia, as Putin has
boasted, can destroy all of its neighbours at the drop of a hat. With the combined nuclear force of France
and the UK, Europe has under 600 nukes. Russia has over 7000 – including the biggest
nuke known to man, the Tsar bomba which could obliterate an area the size of central London,
or Berlin, or Paris… With the United States involved, then the
fight is in Europe’s favour again, but does anyone win when things turn nuclear? I am sure the world would avoid it at all
costs but if it did happen, millions would die and millions more would get sick in the
nuclear fall out and what is the point really? Let’s not forget that Russia has invaded
Europe. In 2014 Russia invaded the Ukraine and the
west didn’t do too much about it. NATO sent forces to the neighbouring countries
of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, signifying that any further aggression would
be met with military force..but perhaps Russia will be sneakier. Perhaps they will invade Europe bit by bit? Although, why they would need to with the
land mass they already have would be nonsensical. Russia wants to remain strong and weaken its
enemies, not own their land…it has enough of it. More likely Russia would invade Europe so
to speak with cyber attacks and espionage. So. War. What is it good for….absolutely nothing. Hopefully Russia wouldn’t risk further aggression. This is one scenario but who knows what really
would happen if this went from a question to a real turn in history. Hopefully it never well. Well this seems like a great place to end
the video – what do you think would happen if Russia invaded Europe? Let me know in the comments section down below. Also don’t forget to let me know who you
think would be the instigator of World War Three should it so happen? Comments from What if the Cold War Didn’t
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  1. Jack 🇬🇧: This is probably good reason to leave the EU now….
    Scot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: I WANT TO STAY IN THE EU
    Jack 🇬🇧: but Russ 🇷🇺 wants to invade the EU including us
    Scot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: ummmmmm….. i don’t know now

  2. Ok we need to stop demonising Russia. Russia is a peaceful country and would never invade another country without being threatened. It’s more of a question of ‘which innocent country will USA destroy next’ because USA is the only country that ever used a nil in warfare

  3. I think Russia would start it because China as well as the US and it’s allies have to much to lose and nothing to gain from WW3

  4. Russia has no cause to invade Europe and they wouldn't survive even if they did, whilst they could gain considerable ground in eastern Europe, western Europe is a completely different beast, then you have to take NATO into consideration. Where Russia could probably take alot of eastern Europe in some sort of blitzkrieg, they'd get stuck somewhere around Poland and thered be little ground gained by either side until NATO can counter strike when the bulk of its strength arrives from the USA, then we'd launch some sort of blitzkrieg of our own and Russia wouldn't be able to defend against such a force. We'd push until Moscow and once we have their capital under siege they'd probably sue for peace.

    PS: You've got Britain on the side of NATO so that just spells disaster for Russia, we breed the best soldiers in the world, no one can say otherwise without lying. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Spoiler

    Well I know what would happen Russia and US would have and peace treaty and captain price would kill Makarov

  6. Nooo if Russia invaded the hole Europe They could send the u.k and Israel to fight against Russia and Russia we’ll lose because those two super powerful military they could beat Russia together and Russia can’t handle it because remember Russia back of the days they where the Second strongest and then you have the uk 🇬🇧 and Israel Israel is the fourth strongest and the uk is the Third strongest so if Russia goes against Israel and the uk then Russia we’ll lose because they can beat them together because remember Israel and the uk where really strong so if you put Israel 🇮🇱 and the u.k together to fight for Europe then who we’ll win isreal with the u.k vs Russia of course Israel and the u.k well because they are two superpowers and Russia can’t beat to different superpower Russia we’ll lose that fight see is all about teaming up with superpowers because if your not stronger then Russia then the u.k could team up with Israel to defeat Russia because Russia is only the second strongest and the u.k is the third strongest and Israel is the fourth strongest if you combine Israel to u.k they would of finish Russia and plus is not fair for all of us let’s be peaceful like come on no more war please like let’s all be friends so we don’t have to fight against each other that is how you make people lose there life’s like come on let’s all be friends together no war only peace!!!

  7. Don’t forget NATO exsist and the majority of the EU is in it along with the USA and Canada and Iceland and Green land and Finland and the UK (put them in bc of brexit) so Russia would most likely fall

  8. Putin passed a law saying that that russia can only nuke a country when that country nukes them so there is not much to worry about

  9. I am thinking that Russia could not invade Europe. Europe and other countries would be at hand to stop Russia. This could be the spark of a global war. It would be Russia against the rest of the world. Russia would lose.

  10. No north Korea will be blown off the map and China will be flat everybody else except Canada Europe Japan and south Korea will be demolished

  11. Most of your pictures of the “Russian” military is the Bulgarian and Ukrainian armies.

    Also, if this ever happens, let’s hope Pew wins because how will the Swedish ever help Europe if their fighting T-Series

  12. 🇷🇺I Will invade you, Portugal.
    🇵🇹I am neutral,again.

  13. Country's who started world wars

    WW1 = Germany

    WW2 = Germany (those damn Nazis)

    WW3 = North Korea or Russia

  14. Who would be the most obvious to start? Actually, the United States. If Patton had been successful and not assassinated, The U.S. and allies, including Germany, would have pushed east. Russia would have lost, and the Cold War, along with countless resources, would have been available for the U.S. to be much further along by now.

  15. Let them have it, the UK has fought twice for Europe and the way those scumbag EU assholes can fight them themselves.

  16. China would start it in 2077
    Inviting Alaska for oil and then..
    Well thats why we play fallout, right?

  17. NATO would most likely react even before the EU does, since NATO troops are already station at critical junctions in Eastern Europe. China would likely not enter the war on behalf of Russia. They have too much money invested into the US and EU countries. It is more likely that they would remain neutral at first and if they should sense weakness from Russia, they may go for a quick land grab, especially if they can make a deal with the NATO members.
    As for Turkey: technically, as a NATO member, they would have to enter the war on US/EU side. However, under Erdogan, who has tried time and time again to get closer to Russia, it is more likely that Turkey would try to stall at first and behind closed doors see if they can ally with Russia.

  18. In America we right wingers like to think Russia can save Europe from left wing/liberal degeneracy. I myself hope for a US-Russia alliance. Perhaps the Russians more conservative sensibilities could save the European Americans.

  19. If Putin does it, it might go well for 6 years, but after those 6 years, he might find himself in a Moscow bunker in 2045 and shooting himself in the head.

  20. Россия уже освобождала вашу сраную Европу от нацистов, нахер она нам не сдалась

  21. So you started by saying Russia vs EU, and then added Ukraine, Turkey and Finland? Might as well add USA and China

  22. Why is the EU being seen as Russias opponent, NATO is what would respond. As NATO is a military alliance against russia between the European nations and the US and Canada

  23. Russia would want more land the area to the east of Moscow is protected by the Ural mountain range but to the west it’s a flat plain which is How Napoleon and Hitler broke in these plains saw some of WW2’s deadliest fighting so for Russia its best interest is to get as much land in between Moscow and Europe as possible that is why they would want to invade

  24. Germany will start WWIII
    Germany actually didn't start WWI. When Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in Sarajevo in June 1914, Austria-Hungary demanded permission to investigate the assassination. Serbia refused. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, and Germany, as an ally, was sworn to back them. WWI wouldn't have happened if it weren't for this pact. And WWII would have never occurred if it weren't for WWI.

    It will obviously be Russia or North Korea that starts WWIII. Or possibly Iran, which brings up the scenario that WWIII will start with an attack on Israel, which the USA is a very close ally of.

    Or… just maybe… the USA will start WWIII. Most Americans think America can do no wrong. But I can easily see an American attack on a "rogue" nation, spun to the public as a preemptive strike, somewhat like the USA attack on Iraq. Except this time, other countries (North Korea, Russia, maybe China, Iran, Pakistan and more) will back the country that is attacked. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Israel vs the rest of the world. Does not bode well for the West, or anyone, for that matter. WWIII WILL happen. It's two minutes to midnight, and time is ticking fast.

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