What To Pack For A European Cruise

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hey cruisers we are packing for our Mediterranean cruise yeah the time has
finally come so we’re gonna get right into what is
different about this packing game than any cruise we have ever been on before
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hot and we’re super duper excited okay so we are cruising round-trip rome to
spain france and italy for seven nights now this is a late winter early spring
cruise so the clothing and accessories that you’re going to be seeing today are
with that season in mind if you are cruising in the middle of winter to the
Mediterranean or the middle of summer your clothing game would be totally
different than what we’re doing today let’s talk first about what is different
from today’s packing video than the other packing videos that we have done
the interactions that I’ve been having with all of you on Instagram Facebook
YouTube and Twitter have been hey what are you doing differently for Europe I
really want to know what you’re doing that is unique to the Mediterranean so
I’m going to go through that list right now so that you know right up front and
then we’ll talk about it as we progress through the video as well the number one
thing that we’re doing differently is we’ve invested in some anti-theft
solutions we will be doing some sightseeing in Rome and I hear it’s a
really good idea to keep your belongings kind of close to you and some of these
European cities so I have decided to take my travel on Parkview anti-theft
backpack the thing I like about this one is that it has locking compartments it
has anti / strips and it has RFID protection all in one
we do have a discount code with travel on we’ll put it in the description below
but that is number one difference is our focus on anti-theft number two I’m going
a different way I want to make sure that doesn’t fall I’m going a different route
with my carry-on on the plane this time my personal item on the plane will not
be a backpack I’m actually taking my mia tui Jenny bag now you’ve probably have
seen this bag before it has a very giant interior I’ll give you a quick look at
that that hold quite frankly it holds more than my
backpack can but my favorite thing about this is that I’m gonna be saving my back
as we go through the airport because this has a little area that you can slip
over the handle of your carry-on luggage hello just like that and that is
something that I love I’ve used my Jenny my Mia – Jenny excuse me Mia to eat
Jenny many times before on shorter trips and it has never failed me I also have a
discount code for that so you can look for it in the description so that’s
number two the third thing that we’re doing differently is our shoe packing
situation is really different on this cruise so as we get into my clothing
items my husband’s and my sons I will show you all of the shoes why we chose
them and why we did purchase some new shoes for this trip the number four
thing that I’m doing differently is I’m actually packing with TSA friendly clear
plastic bags instead of using my traditional court size ziplock bag I
have decided to uplevel my TSA game a little bit so we’re gonna be packing two
of these this is the one that I’m using for all of my toiletries and then the
second one is just gonna be overflow in case I decide to bring something home
with me or I need a place to put all of my liquid lipstick I know guys I need a
TSA bag just for my liquid lipstick it’s kind of ridiculous but I will have some
extra space so you can see here in my little toiletry bag which will by the
way be going in my carry-on since we have to put that through the tsa process
we’ve got things like toothpaste shampoo conditioner shaving cream some body oil
I’ve got hair gel for my son we’ve got antibiotic ointment and
eyedrops lotions things like that all of the liquids so that is something that
we’re doing a little bit differently I wanted to let you know about this time
also I have a new suitcase and it’s so beautiful you know that we have shown
you all before many bags from eBags and we’ve featured the e bags TLS family
before and today I’d like to present you my new bags oh my goodness sakes this is
hard to squeeze into this teeny tiny little situation this is a TLS spin
from ‘back so as you can see it is a 4-wheel suitcase and it spins so it has
kind of a hard back and a soft front and it combines all of the things that we
love about the TLS family of products so we’re going to be packing into this
speaking of the packing portion of this video you’ll want to stay tuned to the
very end if you’d like to see us get everything into the suitcase so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna show you as much as we possibly can kind of up
close and personal and then at the end we’re going to do a little speed packing
and get all this stuff into our three carry-on suitcases yes we are going
carry-on only as we normally do with full understanding that because we are
traveling internationally those bags may need to be checked at some point and
that is perfectly fine for us that has happened before where you know traveling
within the United States our carry-on bags meet the requirements for carry-on
only but internationally they do not so this may be a combination of carry-on
and checked baggage but we understand that that is totally possible and we’re
willing to accept that okay another new thing that you might notice on the Shelf
behind me is some cute polka dotted packing cubes these right here are from
eBags and that was a new little treat that I got for this particular cruise
we’re gonna be using those and we’re also going to be showing you this bag
Yale compression packing cube compression packing cubes are wonderful
for compressing your items for squishing things down to make them a little more
manageable we recently did a full review on these bag ail compression packing
cubes on our cruisegear channel if you’d like to check that out to learn a little
bit more about them but this is what we’re packing my son’s stuff in so
that’s that now the last thing I wanted to let you guys know that we’re not
going to be doing on this cruise is we’re not going to be doing our own
laundry so we have had to pack accordingly in some cases that has meant
packing a little bit more in a few departments like we had to pack a few
more pairs of socks a few more pairs of underwear a few more shirts just in case
we decide we don’t want to pay to have any laundry done at all I think we’re
probably ok with what we’ve packed you you know if you follow our channel that
normally we actually do a low – of laundry and a longer cruise
anything on over you know over maybe seven nights we tend to do our own
laundry if that self-serve type of laundromat is available on a cruise so
we’re not planning to do that this time alright so that is my list of things
that we’re doing differently now let’s get into the nuts and bolts of how we’re
packing for this cruise let’s go ahead and start with my in-flight carry-on bag
so this is the bag that I’ll be taking on the plane as I mentioned this is the
MIA to eat Jenny the bag has wonderful compartments on the inside as you can
see there’s just so much space there’s so many compartments so there’s a
special compartment for a water bottle and obviously when we’re traveling we
try to avoid using a ton of single-use plastics you can’t always avoid it but I
love this water bottle because you can screw the top off and you can fill it up
at those Airport you know the airport water stations
without having to to get the water in the tiny hole so I love this and to be
honest I’ve used it even use this before for snacks for my son so these are great
and we’re going to go ahead and create a special store so that you can you can
actually shop this video using an european cruise focused store on our
amazon shop so you can look forward to finding this item and dozens of other
items that we mentioned today in that shop including some of the shoes and
toiletries and things like that all right so that’s in the special water
bottle bottle container you’ve seen my toiletries so those are going in here in
a little little container I’m also packing my passports and the
little plastic things you’ll see hanging out of there are some plastic luggage
tag covers these are actually for our cruise luggage tags so we’re not going
to fix those to our suitcases until after we’ve landed in Rome because we
don’t want them to get roughed up in the process so we’ll get those put on our
suitcases and get all our boarding documents put in here once I print them
off but this is what I’m putting all my passports in you may notice I don’t have
a pen in here that is because this bag has a wonderful pen holder so I have
pens pencils highlighters and all of that stuff sort of stuffed into this bag
alright next up in here we have my wonderful little travel on tech bag and
this is where I have all of my chargers and things like that these are
so compact but you will be surprised at how much they hold I’ll open it up and
show you how much is here so I have a portable charger for port days when we
know we won’t have access to any plugs I have headphones I have little charging
blocks I have cables for all types of phones and I have a spare set of
headphones so that we can you know if anybody has a an issue with their
headphones on the airplane or something we’ll have a spare pair I also have in
here a ziplock bag that I like to carry with me on flights this has a bunch of
sanitizing hand sanitizing wipes we like the brand called santa hands they look a
little bit like this and they are alcohol-based if you’ve been hanging
around here for a while you are no stranger to these I like them so much
better than hand sanitizing gels and they make my hands feel really clean I
also have some Clorox wipes for cleaning down our airplane seat so once we get to
our seats I usually don’t laugh at me you guys you
can’t laugh at me mr. cruise tips TV laughed at me when he saw me do this I
actually put this glove on so I don’t like you know get chemicals all over my
hands and I take these Clorox wipes and I kind of wiped down the area a little
bit I wiped down the armrest the tray tables the buttons things like that and
you know the metal part of our seat belts just to feel like I’m not picking
up extra germs on the plane so that’s another thing that’s in this bag and
then of course I have some advil in case we get headaches something like that
international flights it’s always really tricky a few other things that I have in
here that are kind of tucked in and not easy to show you right now would be a
sleep mask because obviously we’re going to be doing some pretty long flights
about 13 hours combined to get there so maybe we can get a little sleep and also
in my son’s backpack we have some travel neck pillows but we’ll get to that a
little bit later isn’t this bag like never-ending you guys it fits so much
stuff this is actually going to be my makeup bag this is a mia 2e I can’t
remember if this is the bow or the gem but it has a ton of pockets in it now my
makeup is not in here yet because I’m leaving it in my normal makeup bag until
we leave but you can see all of these little compartments that have elastic on
them that allow me to place my makeup in little
compartments and it kind of holds everything together nicely and I believe
that the last item I have in here in addition to my wallet which of course
I’ll be traveling with I don’t need to take that out right now but this is just
a shawl that can double as a pillow it could be used as a neck wrap it can be
used as a blanket to snuggle my son with there’s just so many different things
that you can use a wrap for so I highly recommend traveling with one of those
alright that wraps up my carry-on bag now next up we’re going to look at
juniors carry-on bag mr. cruisetipstv will be traveling with
his normal camera bag we’re not gonna feature that today because we’ve done
videos on the bag and what’s inside of his tech bags on our cruisegear channel
where we opened the bag and go into great detail so we don’t want to repeat
that but we can link to that in the description of this video so this
particular backpack I’m just gonna pack in my suitcase
remember this is anti-theft this is not what I’m taking on the plane this is
just what I’m gonna be using for sightseeing so I’m gonna go ahead and
put this backpack aside for now okay next up is Junior’s backpack we try to
keep his backpack as light as possible he’s a little guy he’s you know he’s he
probably doesn’t weigh 50 pounds soaking wet and he’s you know he’s still really
young so I don’t want him to be burdened with a super heavy backpack but as you
can see he has a couple of pens here for a little art projects and things like
that my tables adjustable sorry for the beep
I just bumped the adjuster and then what we have in his backpack this is actually
a really funny combination of things he’ll have a device or two in here for
entertaining himself he usually takes a Kindle to read books and some other type
of device like an iPad type thing and then we have one of our travel pillows
this is a travel on inflatable neck pillow really like the inflatable neck
pillows because they take up so much less space so we’re gonna put that in
his bag it’s very lightweight and then his favorite snack beef jerky and I got
to tell you you guys it is so nice to have a little protein in your bag when
you’re on a long-haul flight because you just never know what you’re going to be
offered and I find that airplane meals and snacks tend to be very high carb
and my son and I are both those types of people who really need protein and you
know especially if we get kind of hangry we definitely need something like this
or some nuts or something to stabilize the old blood sugar and get us back on
track so that’s his main snack he then has his little lanyard for his key card
we bought this years ago at Home Depot and he takes it on every cruise it’s
ancient but it’s holding up just fine and then we have a little snack packed
container from our friend Natasha from her thirty-one store so cute but we’ve
got some little fruit roll-up type things in there and that works so his
bag is not completely full yet as we progress through our packing project
this will fill up more he’ll have a sweatshirt in here something to keep him
warm I’ll place his sunglasses in this bag but for now as you can see it’s
pretty empty we’ll get his Kindle and his device in there but I do have one
more travel neck pillow this is a cooling gel travel neck pillow from
travel on that we absolutely love and it’s actually quite compact it’s not
super wide so we’re gonna go ahead and take that one with us this time and give
it a try and then we can also place if we need an
extra water bottle we can place that in one of the little side compartments here
so that is juniors stuff I did forget to mention my toiletry bag which I probably
will squeeze into that Jeni carry-on bag from Mia 2e but this is my eBags packet
flat toiletry bag not sure where I’m gonna put this yet it might have to go
in the suitcase we’ll see but the only thing that I think I would really need
from this bag on the flight might be our toothbrushes so maybe as soon as you get
to the end of a long flight you want to brush your teeth sometimes not because
I’m not really a fan of drinking that you know putting that water in my mouth
that’s in the bathroom but I might take a water bottle in there brush my teeth
something like that but for the most part I think everything in this bag
could probably just go in are checked or carry-on suitcase and we don’t have to
see it until we get there so quick peek at what’s in here we’ve
got deodorant a brush our toothbrushes razors I have my lash strips some
earplugs and some chapstick and things like that and then in the side
containers here we some baby powder we have some norovirus
wipes put into a small container and then we have some vitamins so I’m not
going to open these because things tend to fall out of them but this bag is
really practical and I do continually gravitate towards this eBags packet flat
and this is absolutely one of the items that we’ve put in our European crews
packing store for you so awesome love these you’ve got to get one another
thing that I wanted to draw your attention to that many of you have seen
before is this binder that we like to cruise with this binder holds all of the
important documentation that we may need for our crews including flight
information Hotel info onboard reservations that have been printed off
excursion information a place to put receipts and a nice pocket here in the
front for you to store things like receipts or the daily newsletters that
you may want to bring home with you we’ve had so many requests to find out
how we organize this binder that we’ve done two things number one in our intro
to cruising master class which is a product that we offer that is outside of
this platform it is on a platform called think if ik you can learn how to make
this binder we’ll link to that in the description below
we also have a link to this when you sign up for our email list and you get
your little welcome thank you confirmation that you’re subscribed to
our email list there is a button you can click to download our ultimate cruise
binder so again if you’d like to do that jump on our email list we’ll link to it
in the description and you can get a copy of the outline and how I organized
this little number but we’re also going to film an episode on how we organize it
hopefully on our next cruise no promises but we’ll get something to you within
the next couple of months it’s a nice little video explaining how we do that
another thing that I like to pack and again we’re kind of getting away here
guys from we’re moving away from the carry-on bag now and we’re talking about
what’s gonna go in my suitcase so I know I didn’t really clearly delineate that
but we’re into suitcase land now this is a travel on jewelry roll as you can see
I just kind of opened it up and it has wonderful little divider pockets for all
your jewelry and it is a very small profile teeny tiny it
a little hook you can hang this either on the back of your bathroom door in the
stateroom you could put it in a drawer or you can do what I do and that is to
hang it in the closet with all of your clothing so you can kind of hang it next
to your clothes and see what matches what jewelry matches your clothing and I
just love this you’ve seen this over and over even though it’s a funky mustard
color I tend to use it all the time okay next up we have some of our stateroom
essentials pouches we like to pack into these awesome pouches this print is
really hard to find but I suggest that you look for these packing pouches at
stores like TJ Maxx Marshalls and Ross in their Travel section they often have
them this first bag here is a medication bag it has more hand sanitizing wipes
but then it has a small supply of band-aids and medications for our family
so pain reliever for my son a bunch of cough drops and an assortment of a small
assortment of cold medication in case any of us were to become ill we would
have a small supply until we could get somewhere to get medical treatment or to
a store that had what we needed I found in years past that it’s just such a good
idea to travel with small supplies of medications that you may need another
item that is in here is butterfly closures the last one of the last
cruises we went on my son was wildly dancing through the stateroom and he
fell and he cut his his little eyelid open at the brow and we didn’t have a
butterfly or steri-strip type of closure and I vowed never to cruise again
without those he did not need stitches but he did need something to kind of
squeeze it together the wound a little sorry kind of gross but now we travel
with those little butterfly closure band-aids as well all right so that’s
the medicine bag this is our standard stateroom essentials bag in this bag you
will find fou the zipper might be getting a little rusty these have seen
some these have seen some youth you’ll find a pop-up hamper which is in our
store you will find a little crossbody purse which I plan to travel with I
purchased this at Marshall’s it is I think it’s my Tagalongs brand I haven’t
been able to find many of these but I have a waist pack that is identical to
this and this is actually just a teeny tiny
crossbody okay then I have some what we call C bands these are those motion
sickness bands that you can place on your wrist at the P six point to
alleviate motion sickness or you know if you’re just taking a bumpy tender ride
or you’re having a rough night at C those can really help we also have an on
surge here please be very careful traveling with these as many cruise
lines no longer allow them but we are going to give it a try hope it doesn’t
get confiscated we also have a travel alarm clock here which is in our store
as well those are nice if your stateroom doesn’t have a clock that’s easy to see
which many of them don’t it’s nice to have and some little sticky notes to
leave notes for one another or to leave a note for our room steward things like
that so those are the essentials now we’re going to start talking about
clothing we’re going to start with my clothing for this cruise and then go
through and talk about the boys I’m taking seven dresses for seven nights
the first dress is an off-the-shoulder dress that I got at Target mr. Chris
said to me can you see that okay so a good level I think it was less than $24
just super comfortable cotton II and as you can tell because of what I’m wearing
right now I live in off-the-shoulder dresses they’re so comfortable and
they’re easy to wash and they just feel flattering and nice to me I also have
the black version of the dress that I’m wearing right now that I bought it
expressed years ago you guys have seen these things over and over you’ve
probably seen them dozens of times and videos I am a creature of habit and I
just love them next up I have this styling coat dress it’s kind of a mini
dress that I got last year at Macy’s and it’s just so comfortable I wore this in
our Singapore vlog if you haven’t seen that one you can see it there again very
lightweight these can be worn to dinners or if the weather warms up which I don’t
know that it will we’re expected to top out at about sixty degrees Fahrenheit
everyday in Port but if the weather warms I will re wear these on port days
otherwise it’s going to be jeans during the day and dresses at night for dinner
alright this next dress is a free people dress that I bought at Macy’s you’ve
seen this before as well it has a gorgeous dipped back I don’t even know
if you can see that very well but it’s so pretty flattering again very cottony
and comfortable and kind of elegant really can be casual can be
elegant another repeat dress guys I just have my faves this is a stitch fix I
think this is a Sam Edelman off the shoulder dress that I gotten from stitch
fix and I absolutely love it it’s very feminine and it goes really well with my
neutral shoes so that’s that another ancient ancient dress you guys there’s
so many repeats in this video another kind of mini dress with fun back detail
I don’t even remember where I got this maybe forever 21 on the on the sale rack
but it’s cute it’s neutral and again it matches my shoes you see a theme here I
kind of had to make sure that I didn’t have to over pack shoes all right let’s
talk formal dresses I think these are the two that I’m taking not a hundred
percent sure so if you see different dresses in the pictures don’t be
surprised this is a bar three dress for Macy’s or the teeny tiny bit of a peep
sleeve there it’s kind of a mini dress it’s very basic kind of a basic little
black dress and the second dress is this gown with ruffles that you saw me wear
to Alaska two summers ago it is an off shoulder one-shoulder dress it’s very
long and very roughly and it makes me feel like a girl so I love that dress
and I’m going to wear that I’m also packing the same packable puffy
jacket that we were to Asia as you can see right here it compresses into this
little packable bag so that’s a very compelling reason to pack something like
that if you’re going carry-on only so I’m going to go ahead and show you my
shoes I’m going to tell you what’s in my packing cubes but I’m not going to go
into detail and open them because it tends to be kind of repetitive it’s
usually the same thing so I’ll tell you very quickly that this here is underwear
bras socks and swimsuits this is a swimsuit cover-up or two and my pajamas
and my shirts for this cruise which are mostly long-sleeve cotton shirts and
then the bottom cube contains things like jeans I’m taking three pair of
jeans on this cruise because I really think we’re gonna have cooler port days
kind of spring-like so three pairs of jeans one hoodie
and one pair of one exercise outfit basically in case I want to go to the
gym or in case we do some kind of an active excursion or in case we do the
Himalayan ropes course on MSC maravilla I’m gonna want to have an athletic wear
type of an outfit so that’s what’s in the cubes but again we’re just not gonna
elaborate because you’ll see what I’m wearing when you watch the vlogs but
let’s talk about shoes I am taking let’s see one two three four pair of shoes on
this cruise I’m taking this pair of sandals these are from a brand called
jelly pop and I got them at famous but where you’ve seen them before I wore
them to Asia I literally wore these every night to dinner
except formal nights I love wedge sandals I feel very comfortable in them
and they just work really well for me I’m taking a pair of flip-flops for
poolside use these are my usual Sanuk flip-flops that I know and love and we
keep those in our store and then I’m taking this pair of Michael Kors formal
night shoes and I’m thinking these are gonna look pretty gorgeous up against
the Swarovski crystals on this on the staircase on MSC maravilla so you’re
gonna be seeing some Instagram stories with my feet and that staircase make
sure you’re following us on Instagram to see that okay now for the shoe story so
if you’ve watched our our vlogs before you know that our whole family are huge
fans of Nike tangen sneakers T and J Ewan and my favorite shoes in the world
but I was getting tired of them I’ve been wearing the same pair for over two
years so I went on a quest to find some fun casual walking shoes and I actually
went to Macy’s and I found some Skechers shoes that I really liked but they
didn’t have them in my size so I went ahead and ordered these two pair of
slip-on Skechers shoes I put the Box too far away can’t remember the name of them
but if you’d like to know the name send me a direct message over on Facebook and
I can get them to you they came in the mail they’re so cute and they even have
a little sparkle to them but I wasn’t super in love with the way that they fit
my feet I’m really picky about shoes so I decided to keep this
pair for daily wear because I think at home they’re gonna be really fun I’ve
decided to send these back even though they’re gorgeous and super cute I don’t
need another $60 pair of shoes right now but I kept them in order to show you
guys because I was able to find both pair on Amazon and I have placed them in
our European shopping store in case you’d like to check them out but
ultimately I decided I’m not going to take either pair of these shoes on the
cruise instead I went out to Famous Footwear and I found another pair of
slip-on sneakers these are an adidas cloud form that I absolutely love mr.
cruise tips TV found them for me and he said honey these match your jacket so
they’re so fun I love them I don’t want to wear white Tenney’s to Europe I feel
like it’s kind of gauche so these are the shoes that I’m taking and I’m really
happy with the fact that they’re slip-on and Airport friendly and they’re a
little bit fashionable so I hope you guys like these I think they’re really
cute okay so I think we’ve covered just about everything that I wanted to talk
about also have a curling iron back there that’s getting packed and I’m sure
there’s a few little teeny tiny items that I haven’t packed yet that I will
figure out during the next week or so well we get ready for our cruise so if
you see something missing and you want to leave me a comment
go right ahead you might just catch us before the cruise and we can we can make
sure we get those items in okay next up we’re gonna talk about junior editors so
here’s a few things that juniors taking his packing cubes are back there and in
his skinny packing cube we’ve got things like socks well actually let me show you
those first okay let’s just pop over here and I can show you about how much
we’re taking for him let me bring these over here okay so Junior has one eBags
slim packing cube full of socks goggles swimwear pajamas and Underpants so
that’s this one he then has another medium eBags packing cubes that has
about four or five sets of pants some more swimwear I believe and all of his
shorts and then we’re using a bag Yale compression packing cube this is what it
looks like before it is compressed for the
the rest of his clothing so t-shirts sweatshirts things like that and then
we’ll just kind of shimmy his shoes in separately later the shoes that he’s
taking he’s taking three pair and there is actually something a little different
that I have to show you guys for the first time jr. is wearing some dress
shoes we found some really cute little Kenneth Cole reaction kind of moccasin
loafer type things that look like his daddy’s so we bought these and then his
daily shoe that he’ll get the most wear out of are these Nikes
I think they’re like a little Nike flexed with Velcro so that in the
airport it’s easy for him and then he’ll take the use for poolside so some little
Quicksilver flip-flops so those are juniors shoes now we will talk a little
bit about his a few thing that I left on hangers just to show you but obviously
most of its already packed into cubes these are two shirts that he can wear
for formal night I have a couple of ties to go with them and then here is the fun
the fun kind of surprise for this cruise is that jr. and mr. Christos TV they’re
packing the leather jackets guys they we’ve had this that jacket for junior
for a few years he finally grew into it and we found a gorgeous guest leather
jacket for my husband at Macy’s for $60 on massive clearance so he’s gonna be
matching his dad and it’s just so fun and exciting and I think what better
place in Europe to go sport your leather jacket and just look too cool for school
right so that leads us to mr. cruisetipstv let’s talk shoes because
there are some changes and mr. cruisetipstv shoe packing so I’m gonna
show you all three of his shoes right now I was able to find links to these to
you guys it’s a miracle but he got these go tour shoes that are
gonna be worn for all of the dinner nights they are kind of like a driving
moccasin but they have a really nice formal look to them so we’ve linked to
those in our European store and then he found these awesome Skechers air-cooled
memory foam sneakers they match everything they have a little bit of
brown a little bit of grey and a little bit of black he’s been wearing them in
for the past few weeks and again they’re slip-on so for airport ease of use
highly recommends these for you and we’re just so glad that we were able to
find them so that you guys can give these a try if you’re looking mister
cruisetipstv were these true to size I think they were right so he wears a ten
and a half and he was true to the ten and a half and same thing with these
goat or loafers totally true to size and he’ll also take flip-flop for poolside
you know in Europe we’re probably not going to be wearing flip-flops as much
as we would in the Caribbean or Mexico but you got to have a pair of for
visiting the pool things like that so those are all of mr. cruisetipstv shoes
as per normal he has his three medium eBags packing
cubes here and he has all of his essentials in their underwear socks
jeans t-shirts he’s doing two or three pairs of jeans probably five or so
shirts and polo shirts per day and then he’s taking about six or seven collared
shirts for night including two formal shirts which I will show you right now
so for his formal wear he’s going with a white and a black long-sleeve shirt
these are probably Calvin Klein slim fit he’s already ironed them and then to
wear with his formal wear he has this this vest and tied that matches are you
wearing this both nights or you do have another tie too not sure yet he hasn’t
decided but this might get worn twice once with the black shirt once with the
white shirt he’s not taking a sport coat or a dinner
jacket guys I know that’s a bit controversial but we don’t feel that
it’s inappropriate if you’re wearing a tie and dress pants and a vest I think
you look very formal for a formal night so we’re comfortable with that as I
mentioned mr. cruisetipstv he has a leather jacket too so father and son
they’re gonna be super super cute so we had some fun with this and again this is
for Macy’s and we got it on clearance for $60 normally like $2.99 so feeling
really good about that I want to show you some of the shirts that he’ll be
wearing to dinners most of these were either from stitch
fix which is a clothing subscription service that we got him a membership to
or from Macy’s this is a long sleeve I’m gonna move this back so I can squeeze
these in this is a long sleeve shirt that has little tiny skulls on it from
Macy’s the brand is and see this is a heritage brand long
sleeve shirt slim fit from a stitch fix and then we have some short Fleet Luba
short sleeves Bigsby short sleeves from stitch fix already ironed because mister
cruisetipstv ironed them and folds them nicely and they tend to stay pretty
pretty nice and then this is an eye NC for Macy’s and love that one and another
very comfortable kind of cotton e polo shirt that could double as a port day
shirt or a night time shirt so again in his packing cubes it’s mostly jeans and
t-shirts and shorts and well maybe one or two pairs of shorts for swimming if
he decides to go swimming and then it socks and underwear and practical things
like his belt for you know wearing to formal nights and things like that so
what do you say let’s go see if we can get all of this in our suitcases before
we do we invite you once again to please subscribe to our Channel
we would love if you would click that notification button so that you know
when we’re going live or we have a new video come out and be sure to follow
cruise tips TV on Instagram Facebook and Twitter thanks so much for packing with
us let’s go finish the job now we’re gonna dive into how we structured the
three carry-on suitcases that we’re taking this is suitcase number one
loosely known as my suitcase this is an old Costco favorite of ours that we
bought as a part of a two-piece set and this suitcase has endured for years and
years and we just keep using it it’s really nice it’s expandable it’s
fabulous but it’s still a carry-on all right let’s start with this side of the
suitcase as you can see my mesh bags with my medicine and my stateroom
supplies are on top and underneath we have two of my packing cubes so we have
a small and a medium packing cube and here we have both of my son’s pairs of
shoes that he will not be wearing you’ll notice that none of our sneakers are
being packed those are actually in they’re going to be in this bag ale
compression cube here along with this gaile laundry bag because what’s gonna
be happening with these is they’re going to be a there me packed completely
separately and they’re going to be used as our pre crews hotel kit so they’re
gonna have what we’re wearing on the airplane and to the port in them
separately and they will not go in a suitcase so I know that’s a little bit
confusing but it’s one of the best things that we’ve started to do over the
last year is to pack a separate pre crews packing cube that doesn’t get
packed so what we do is try to borrow from items that are in our suitcase when
we do that to lighten the load a little bit because those things are gonna have
to go potentially get your suitcase so you have to be careful about that
alright so Suns shoes to packing cubes undergarments swimwear pyjamas things
like that and then our stateroom essentials bag and medicine bag here and
then this will be sealed up like this and closed let’s talk about the other
side of this bag we have a lot of stuff in this side of the bag so we have my
jewelry roll and then around the corners of this bag I have three pair of shoes
so my flip-flops my wedge sandals in my formal shoes and then my large packing
cube are all in here actually yep this is my large packing cube so this
has a great majority of my jeans and my shirts and things like that in it so
that’s the suitcase and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna swap the
suitcase number two we’ll be right back alright
this is suitcase number two loosely known as my son’s suitcase you’ve seen
this suitcase before this is this purple aqua and white one that we got at a
discount store a long time ago and we can’t seem to find a duplicate so this
is a combination of items this is one slim packing cube for my son
the beguile compression packing cube my backpack which I’m just gonna lay over
here before we close the bag this is the anti-theft backpack from travel on that
I mentioned earlier on the other side we have a mix of my things and my son’s
this overly stuffed eat the X medium packing cube is all of my dresses
including my formal dresses folded hopefully I’m not going to wrinkle too
badly and then back here is my son’s clothing so this is his his evening
shirts and most of his pants so this will get get placed here and then we’ll
probably squeeze a few things and around the edge
and then we’ll shut this one up and then now we’re gonna move on to suitcase
number three which is my husband’s hubby is packed into the beautiful new TLS 22
inch hybrid carry-on spinner from a bags that were in love with this is kind of a
rusty red color it’s very pretty you’re not gonna lose this sucker on the
luggage carousel all right on this side he has this to medium packing cubes this
is the same as all of our previous packing videos he is a creature of habit
and he has his medium packing cube strategy down to a tee what I love about
this bag this side has some little straps to help you compress a little bit
more and it’s it’s very very roomy the suitcase is actually kind of small to
the 22 inch profile is perfect for carry-on and makes you feel like you can
easily hoist it up into an overhead bin okay
flipping over to the other side which is separated by some mesh we have his third
packing cube I should have mentioned what’s in these cubes too this looks
like pajamas cozy clothes and socks on one side we’ll go back and talk about
what’s in the other cubes as well this is jeans pants and socks along this side
and this looks to be all of his shirts with a few more socks so what he does is
he kind of lines each side of the packing cube with some socks one of them
I can feel right here I think it’s this one has his belt wrapped all the way
around the side of the packing cube to for maximum efficiency he’s man packer a
good man packer so anyway jammies cozy clothes probably a pair of shorts and
more socks in this cube and then right here in one of our baguette by Joanne
shoe bags we have his flip-flop sandals and then here he has his his driving
moccasins aka his nice dinner shoes and as mentioned before the sneakers will be
on all of our feet so we didn’t have to pack any of the sneakers they’re all on
our feet so other than the carry-on bags which you’ve already seen this is it
this is how we’re packing for seven nights to the Mediterranean late spring
early winter we hope this video has been super helpful thanks for sticking around
to the end and until next time see you on the high seas

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