17 comments on “Will EUROPE get HOOKED on US GAS? – KJ VIDS

  1. I do think that Russia is holding it's natural gas reserves so that when the time will come it will have abundant gas not just for itself but for the world. The extreme east of Russia have abundant natural gas to supply the world and it will foresurely use it to increase strategic dominance.

  2. Actually Russian gas is only cheap in money terms. The political costs are very high. If you disagree with Russia then the gas is suddenly turned off in the middle of winter. Russia uses energy as a control system over Europe.

  3. Well given the way that renewable energy sources are been discovered and improved upon, I think that in nearest future, the dependence on this LNG & crude oil will reduce, therefore those holding on to it as a tool for the weapon will get disappointed.

  4. I don't think so because Europe invests a lot into renewable energies.
    The more time passes, the less Europe is dependent on gas, and thus, even if they temporarily switch from buying Russian gas to US gas, in long term, it will not last as Europe's needs for gas is and will continue to be in decline.

  5. The US doesn't have enough gas to supply europe however Canada might be able it if we legalize the use of natural gas from Labrador that is

  6. Germany is the engine of Europe not PoooLand you dumb ass and Germany its powerd by a constant flow of cheap Russian gas and oil, Russia and Germany have also built the second nord 2 pipelines and the Turk stream which will increase its capacity even more. The Russian navy also controls the balitc sea and black sea and has a massive naval presence in the Mediterranean sea, at anytime Russia can block Amerikas access to balitc sea and black sea and be the only country to ensure energy security, especially to Germany. Poland, balitc states, Ukraine are now useless states to Russia and Germany for transit, they don't need them anymore for geoeconomic reasons, they are obsolete states which are economically depend on the EU for everything and Germany is the engine of EU and Germany is powered by cheap Russian gas.
    Russia wins geopoliticaly and geoeconomicly.

  7. The USA and Russia are energy self-sufficient. China is not. Given Russian economic weakness, you'd thing Putin would exert more influence on Xi than what seems to be happening, i.e., Xi seems to have the upper hand on Putin. A smart Russia would play second fiddle to the USA, not to China.

  8. America produces the best gas in the world.youll get the best MPG.The rest of the world suck.Europe you will love it.Dont listen to putin yak yak yak .go with a winner.we are here for you.And we got more than these dickheads say. I know.

  9. When everything seems said and done, enter Greenland. What I mean is that there are plenty of factors that can modify the chessboard, including finding new sources within the European domain. But it is also fair to say that Western Europe (specially the north) is experiencing an ideological (quasi philosophical and even quasi religious sometimes) movement towards “green energy” that in reality translates in way more inefficient and in practice and indirectly, more costly energy sources, making the imports from outside the continent an urgent matter as Europe can neither feed their industries nor their homes in winter by solar panels, winter turbines and the like. It doesn’t improve the matter that on political extremes not even Nuclear (that is a competitive, comparatively clean energy source when well managed) is accepted. This, of course, acts in favor of those outside who whether don’t have to deal with such moral conundrums or theirs is still on a cocoon stage, especially on Second and Third world countries whose priorities are how to feed their already pressured populations the next month or next year rather how the world will, theoretically, change on the next century.

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