Will Turkey Ever Join the European Union? [Exit From NATO]

the North Atlantic Organization was one
of the most important pillars of the military defenses of the West after the
end of World War two in the year 1945 was a Europe torn and divided the United
States not only helped its European partners economically to rebuild the
continent but to arm them to avoid a Soviet aggression in Western Europe NATO
is gradually expanding as the Iron Curtain widened one of the main
countries to join NATO was Turkey in 1952 his three years after the
organization was created both Turkey and Greece became members of NATO in 1952 as
part of the first movement to expand the organization but there was a cost to
join turkey also fought in the first Korean War was the NATO members losing
721 soldiers and it was then eligible to be a member of the organization but
today the strategic alliance between Turkey NATO and the u.s. is fracturing
turkey is sinking more and more under the authoritarianism of Iran Ankara has
a growing trade relation with Moscow and Caracas in fact Turkey has emerged as
one of the two main European partners of Maduro and Europe turkey still belongs
tomato but increasingly distances itself from the Alliance and Europe in general
although it is a candidate to join the European Union
it seems that another divorce is coming soon to Europe apart from brexit and it
will surely beat turkeys with NATO and their potential adoption into the EU the
day we will see why turkey is severing its ties with NATO and its candidacy for
membership in the EU let’s begin nado currently has 29 members and is
designed to be a collective defense organization their goal is to defend the
indivisible security freedom and common values of its members turkey considered
its membership in this organization as something that could be a positive
contribution to the economic military and political development of the country
and in reality that’s the way it was Turkey joined NATO with the hope that
being a part of the military association would develop their inclusion within
European affairs Turkey is a strategic alliance for NATO and the u.s. as it was
an Asian and European country at the same time Turkey provides strategic
resources and trade routes for Europe during a time when the West was facing
the Soviet Union the country is a key military power in NATO and it has the
second-largest army within the organization just after the u.s. it is
one of the NATO nations that has participated the most in Afghanistan and
acts as the leading country in the kabul region as part of its duties as the NATO
member country in Kabul Turkey also protects the hamid karzai airport in
afghanistan turkey is also the sixth state that spends the most in defence in
nato with 12 billion dollars it places right above Spain and just below Italy
and in terms of percentage of GDP contributed it is the fourth contributor
with 1.5 percent after the u.s. the UK and France as one of the major
contributors to the organization the relations between Ankara and NATO began
to degrade over the years in view of recent events and incidents Turkey
generally expects NATO support in all aspects and is willing to do the same in
return however although NATO’s trips to the country is full of joint missions
several disputes have also challenged its membership since Greece became
independent of the Ottoman Empire Greece and Turkey have constantly been in wars
and conflicts but after 1952 both countries became part of the same NATO a
major incident occurred in the 70s when turkey decided to act in Cyprus where
there was a civil strife between the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots the
president of the u.s. at the time lyndon b johnson sent a letter to the turkish
president a smith in a new fading that in the case of an invasion of the island
nato would not side with turkey by then greece which was under a military
dictatorship had the intention of annexing
press degrees and declaring a great Helen Republic but by 1974 Turkey
invaded the island and occupied 38% of it the military confrontation between
Greece and Turkey had left thousands dead and had left permanent damage to
the island the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus was declared to be in the control
Turkish territories although both Greece and Turkey were part of NATO and the
same transatlantic defense alliance the invasion of Cyprus was considered a
military conflict between two members of the same Alliance to this day Turkey
continues to control Northern Cyprus which is now a member country of the EU
many European officials have demanded Turkey to withdraw from Northern Cyprus
as turkey is illegally and militarily occupying a sovereign territory of the
European Union sent Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 since 1987 that is for more than
30 years turkey has been trying to join the European Union but the process has
been long and complicated for turkey of the 35 chapters needed to enter the
Union only 16 have been opened and only one chapter has been successfully closed
several members of the EU outright opposed Turkish membership by culated to
be due to the fact that it is almost entirely a Muslim country countries such
as Germany Austria and Belgium opposed the entry of the country to the EU while
France and the UK have mixed feelings EU members are considering finalizing the
talks which were suspended in November 2016 following the policies of the
Turkish government under President Erdogan which are seems to have eroded
the rule of law and human rights the austrian government has publicly said
that Europe must the night turkeys entry to the union most of the countries that
opposed turkeys membership oppose it due to religious and ideological issues if
they were to join Europe the Muslim population in the continent would
increase from 3% to 19% due to the inclusion of almost 90 million Turkish
citizens even the prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orban widely known to be
xenophobic and anti-immigration has said that Brussels is not being honest with
turkey about its entry into the EU Orban said that it is dishonest to deceive
turkey about a possible entry to the EU when it is known that there are several
countries that would never accept them although it may seem illogical certain
authoritarian European leaders have reached an understanding with turkey for
having closed the doors for migrants to enter Europe when the
in crisis occurred in exchange the deal would have led Turkish citizens go to
Europe without a visa there is also no denying the certain admiration of the
governments of Hungary and Poland for Turkey a government that is getting
closer and closer to a dictatorship only Germany France and the UK have denounced
turkey for the verge of thousands of journalists political prisoners and the
constant bombardment towards the Kurds the Kurds were crucial to bring the
Syrian civil war to near an end and they currently control a good portion of
Syria the Kurds who have been politically and militarily supported by
the US and the EU have been attacked and executed under orders from Ankara which
considers them to be a terrorist group Turkey’s involvement was essential
during the Syrian civil war and the Turkish government was against the
dictator Bashar al-assad and intervened militarily on several occasions within
Syrian territory until today Turkey controls between 8 and 12 percent of the
Syrian territory especially in the northern strip along with rebels opposed
to the Syrian regime Turkey was essential in the war against Bashar
al-assad and it was a key transit country for their American British and
French troops that were present on Syrian soil tensions then escalated to
its peak in November 2015 when turkey shot down a Russian jet flying near the
turkish air border killing its pilot it was the second time that a NATO member
country attacked Russia directly despite the fact that Turkey said it did not
know the origin of the fighter jet in question most European countries express
his support for Turkey in tearing down the jet this evidently triggered rumors
of a response from Moscow and the start of a war but Putin responded calmly and
only announced that relations would degrade Russia imposed economic
sanctions and limited Turkish investment in Russia this was the case for a while
as the two countries tried to normalize commercial and diplomatic relations
despite the incident Russia and Turkey have strong trade relations Russia is
the main supplier of energy in Turkey and Russians are still the number one
source of tourism for turkey giving the country billions of dollars every single
year just one year later in the context of the Syrian civil war the Russian
ambassador was assassinated on live television during a conference in Ankara
the assassin was a Turkish rebel not associated with the government this
instantly triggered flashbacks to the start of World War 1 when a Serbian
nationalist assassinated the Archduke of Austria but Moscow stated that the
Turkish rebel who assassinated the ambassador
was just an attempt to destroy relations between the two countries the incident
was considered as a terrorist act by the Turkish and Russian government when the
coup attempt occurred in the summer of 2016 when the military tried to seize
power millions of Turkish people went out to
challenge the army and other millions to support the coop turkey had accused Arab
Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE of being behind the coup and perhaps
even the u.s. heard one accused Germany and the u.s. of harboring the Gulen
movement a movement of democratic Islamism which is considered a terrorist
organization by Turkey and whose leader resides in the u.s. which had his
extradition to Turkish territory rejected when President Trump took
office in January 2017 relations between Iran and Trump were pretty volatile at
the start Trump began kindly congratulating Iran for winning the 2017
referendum a win that granted even greater powers to the president the
problems began when Trump started to arm the Kurdish militias in Syria the fight
against the Islamic state and the Syrian regime ignoring the fact that Turkey
considers the Kurds as terrorists before Europe and the US the Turkish have been
a key group for the fight against the radical Islamists and Bashar al-assad if
it had not been for the Kurds it would have been possible that the
Islamic state would never have been defeated relationships began to
deteriorate and in 2018 an American pastor named Andrew Brunson was arrested
by turkey after being accused of being part of a terrorist organization accused
of trying to overthrow Iran trump demanded his release by threatening
Turkey Ankara refused to release Brunson and tensions led to trump imposing
sanctions on steel and aluminum which caused the Turkish lira to collapse by
more than 20% seeing this collapse acara released the pastor but this did not do
much to appease DC Iran has criticized the u.s. of being the cause for Turkey’s
economic decline in fact the country had been growing at rates of between 5 and
6% for a year but due to the sanctions the Lyra had
devaluated in conjunction with other conflicts with the West the Turkish
economy is expected to contract by more than 6% this year
Iran’s reelection is increasingly tyrannical tinge coupled with another
referendum has aggravated relations between Turkey and Europe and has been
increasingly affected Turkey’s involvement in NATO turkey doesn’t reach
the 2 percent of GDP and military spending that Trump had demanded for
NATO despite being the second largest army in the Alliance
the increasingly close relationship between Moscow and Ankara has already
been bothering DC and in recent months Turkey has been in negotiations by an
anti-missile system to Russia something that NATO and the u.s. used with
suspicion this would be an opportunity for Russia to infiltrate the NATO
defense network so much so the vice president Mike Pence has already
announced an ultimatum for Turkey either they stay in NATO or continue to buy
Russian systems as such the US and Europe cannot take turkey out of NATO
but many analysts believe that it is time for the country to separate from
the organization as far as the induction of the country into the EU it might as
well be fantasy the harsh truth is that a large part of Europe doesn’t want to
Ricki within the Union because they don’t believe it to the European
therefore earlier one’s patience has apparently reached its limit economic
and political cooperation between BC Brussels and Ankara will surely continue
but perhaps it is time for Turkey to withdraw from NATO and its candidacy to
enter the European Union while Turkey is sinking more and more into an
authoritarian system Europe and the US have reason to believe that turkey
should be closer to Moscow than to Brussels the EU will never accept Turkey
as long as there is a threat of a dictatorship within the country so what
do you think do you believe that it’s unfair that Turkey has not been accepted
into the EU do you think they should withdraw from NATO and their candidacy
to be part of the EU leave your thoughts in the comments below and I hope you
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