Working at eu-LISA

Here at eu-LISA, we understand the importance of supporting and developing our people. We work hard to ensure the safety of Europe and to do so we need our people to be the best and to be at their best. We hope that by providing a healthy, collaborative and progressive environment that our people will feel valued, encouraged and part of our eu-LISA team. We have a direct impact to a safer Europe. Enabling free movement of people and goods, by offering technology at its best. Our mandate is getting stronger and more projects are coming. We are a collaborative environment. The camaraderie amongst every one of us brings out the best experiences and knowledge. It contributes to common goals and our overall success. We work in a multicultural work environment, with professionals from all over Europe and beyond. We organise a wide range of welfare and recreation activities, such as sport teams, voluntary work and community driven activities. Many career development opportunities arise. You can progress in your field, or become a leader. Senior Management exercises collective leadership and is listening to its people. The Agency empowers me to take the lead in my self-development. I learn something new every day. Here at eu-LISA, we are proud of our people. We value their individuality, hard work and their dedication. We know that to get the best out of people, we need to provide them with, not only the skills and facilities to do their job, but the support and welfare to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to develop as individuals and as teams. We are eu-LISA. Together as one, we are making it happen.

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