YRDSB News & Events: Regional Student Equity Committee

Last summer Cecil Roach, Co-ordinating
Superintendent of Indigenous Education and Equity, came up with this fantastic
idea of putting together students from across the region to help us understand
who are our students in York Region. So right now we have six students, three
secondary and three elementary from each area of our board who are representative
of various identities as part of the Regional Equity Student Committee. So our
hope is that we have generally captured authentic student voice and to have
those voices be lifted up and be used to inform some of the choices and decisions
that are made, by for example senior team our director and the trustees. So that
you can create and foster a more inclusive environment for our students.
YRDSB is doing a tremendous amount like a plethora of initiatives for the
students. Everyone has some like special deep down story behind them and that
really is a takeaway for me that everyone here has a story and that could
be taken to our school. For me I feel like this is an avenue to create change
in our school environments to make them a more open and inclusive environment.
It’s, it’s really accepting here and I really like that. I like how everyone is
just super chill with each other. There’s no like judgmental looks, there’s no
judgmental comments, nothing like that. I want to take back to my school that
you can be confident, you don’t have to be afraid of judgment. I met so much
inspiring people here and they all have been through a lot of things, but the
thing they all have in common is all of them are so confident and they have this
freedom of expression that I hope everyone in my school will have to.

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