Zuckerberg’s EU testimony: what he didn’t answer

Zuckerberg’s EU testimony: what he didn’t answer

[Narrator] Today, Mark
Zuckerberg finally appeared before the European Parliament to testify about Facebook’s
impact on society, from data privacy to elections. But the format was different from what most American viewers
are probably used to. Instead of a back and
forth between Zuckerberg and the politicians, all the members of the Parliament asked
their questions first. Zuckerberg took notes, and
at the end of the meeting, he picked out the questions
he wanted to respond to, then he promised he’d get back
to the group with the rest. The entire thing was a little frustrating, even to the legislators, and eventually dissolved into a mess. – I asked you six yes or no questions. I got not a single answer. – So, thank you again for
inviting me, for having me – Mr. Zuckerberg, I think
there was one question raised by Guy Verhofstadt that’s linked to my question. – The problem is the timing. – I’ll make sure we follow up
and get you answers to those. – [Narrator] Despite that,
the European legislators asked some pretty good questions and weren’t afraid to
be a little aggressive. – You have to ask yourself
how you will be remembered as one of the three big internet giants together with Steve Jobs, I should say, and Bill Gates, who
have enriched our world and our societies or, on the other hand, the fact that the genius
will create a digital monster that is destroying our democracies and our societies for the moment? – I’m asking you today,
very, very clearly, would you accept that
today Facebook is not a platform for all ideas
that is operated impartially? – [Narrator] The most pressing
question Zuckerberg faced was whether Facebook was a monopoly. During last month’s
Congressional hearings, Senator Lindsey Graham,
asked whether Zuckerberg could name a competitor to Facebook and a couple of European
legislators brought that issue up again but with a more
pointed threat attached. – Would you consider your
company as a monopoly? I think it is time to
discuss breaking Facebook monopoly because it’s
already too much power in only one hand. Can you
convince me not to do so? – You cannot convince him
because it’s nonsense, naturally. You have given
the example of Twitter, you have given the example,
I think, also of Google as some of your competitors, but it’s like somebody has a monopoly in making cars and saying, ‘Look, I have
a monopoly making cars but there is no problem,
you can take a plane. You can take a train.’ – [Narrator] When it came time to answer, Zuckerberg said that he didn’t
think that was true at all and generally dismissed the concern. – We exist in a very
competitive space where people use a lot of different
tools for communication. Where the average person uses
about eight different tools for communication
ranging from all sorts of private messaging up to
more broadcast mediums, to things where they’re
communicating with groups of people and all their friends at once. So, from where I sit, it
feels like there are new competitors coming up everyday. There are competitors that
reach tens and hundreds of millions of people and
we’re constantly needing to evolve our service in
order to stay relevant and serve people well.
So, that feels like it’s a competitive environment where there are many choices that people have. – [Narrator] A number
of politicians suggested that even if it isn’t time
to break up a monopoly, Facebook needs to be
aggressively regulated. – Are you ready to
completely comply with the new regulation in Europe
within the next three days? – When you said that
the regulation would be implemented in spirit, what
does that mean exactly? – [Narrator] In response, Zuckerberg offered what’s become a canned reply. – I don’t think the question
here is whether or not there should be regulation.
I think the question is, what is the right regulation? – [Narrator] But so far,
these right regulations remain illusive and, as
one legislator pointed out early in the hearing, self-regulation has not worked well in the past. – It’s a little bit like with the banks in the 2006, 2007, 2008. They said, ‘Oh, we are
going to do self-regulation. Don’t bother, we are
going to do it ourself.’ Reality is, that they
didn’t do them themselves and it was needed to
have tough regulation. – [Narrator] Then, there was
the question of how Facebook stores data, especially
of people who aren’t even on Facebook otherwise known
as their shadow profiles. – How can non-users
stop Facebook collecting their data and what do you do with the non-Facebook’s data?
Do you commercialize it and, if you do that, is
it morally acceptable do you think, in your opinion, to collect non-Facebook users’ data without them knowing what you do with it? – [Narrator] And
Zuckerberg nearly concluded without even mentioning these. – Is there anything else here that- – Shadow profiles. -Shadow profiles. – [Narrator] He didn’t seem
to want to talk about shadow profiles at all and changed
the subject pretty quickly. – If you’re not a Facebook user, how do you stop that
data being transferred? – On a security side,
we think it’s important to keep it to protect
people in our community. Were there any other themes that we want to get through? I mean, there’s what’s- – [Narrator] These hearings are happening largely because people are worried about election meddling on
Facebook, whether through fake news propaganda or through Cambridge Analytica’s data siphoning. This wasn’t lost on legislators. – Will Facebook commit to 1) eradicate all remaining fake accounts
by the end of the quarter, and b) systematically prevent the creation of new ones moving forward? – [Narrator] Zuckerberg continued to say there’s no quick fix to this problem. – We’ll never be perfect
on this, our adversaries, especially on the election
side, people who are trying to interfere,
will have access to some of the same AI tools that we will. – [Narrator] But that’s a
pretty obvious statement. The details are what matter
and Facebook is still just talking up its two favorite
weapons, moderators and AI. – The game plan is a
combination of building more AI tools to identify fake
accounts that are trying to interfere and take
them down, like we did in the French presidential election, but our vision for how we
should manage the system is going to move from one
of reactive management, as people in our community flag things, to one where we’re more
proactively having systems look at the content, flag things for tens of thousands of people to review and we’re already making
significant progress in doing that. – [Narrator] And there were
a lot of other questions which were never answered.
These included broad questions about whether
Facebook can really keep people’s data safe after
Cambridge Analytica. – Is Cambridge Analytica an isolated case or would you say it’s
the top of the iceberg? – [Narrator] But also
extremely specific ones about how quickly
Facebook scrubs data that the user asks to be deleted. – If people want to come off Facebook, how quickly and under what conditions will their data be fully removed? – [Narrator] Or whether
Facebook would work with antitrust regulators to
prove it’s not a monopoly. – Could you or would you cooperate with the European Antitrust
authorities to examine it and to open your books so that we can see, if yes or no, there is a monopoly. – [Narrator] Zuckerberg promised to give written answers to all these questions, but that’s the same
line he used during the US Congressional hearings.
We don’t know when the answers will come,
how thorough they’ll be, or if Zuckerberg will give a straight answer to the toughest demands. – Can you guarantee that to
the Europeans that another scandal will not happen in
three, six, or nine months time? – Is the only way of
preventing Facebook collecting my data to avoid the
internet all together? – [Narrator] And after
watching legislators ask good, difficult questions about Facebook, that feels like a huge,
wasted opportunity. Is Facebook really taking
its responsibilities more seriously? Will
lawmakers start trying to regulate it? Or will we just keep hearing the same speech over and over? – So the fact that maybe
you have less control or no control about your own company, for the moment, because you have to apologize now, I think
in total, you apologized now 15 or 16 times the last decade. In 2003 you started,
every year you have one or other wrongdoing or
problem with Facebook and you have to face
the reality, and to say sorry, and to say your going to fix it. Are you capable to fix it?

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  1. this is simply, if you dont like Facebook dont use it and dont put your sensitive information on a social media platform. People always feel the need to be entitled. When you get a loan do get to choose your percent rate?

  2. Stupidest video I've litterarally ever heard! Wow, those involved with the making of this… should be embarrassed!! Ugh!

  3. Zuckerberg STOLE the Facebook technology. There is no argument. Zuckerberg is the BIGGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL THIEF in history.
    Zuckerberg was litigated, he lost and paid. There is NO argument. It is recorded in court documents.
    Do anyone honestly think you can get even one word of truth out of Zuckerberg, the most successful thief in history.

  4. European politicians are not smarter and more competent than their American counterparts, Zuckerberg was grilled because Facebook doesn't pay taxes in Europe.
    All about the money as usual.

  5. I can’t stand that kid! Facebook is so intrusive and the people that were not raised in an era of decency in class now have no idea what that means

  6. It is interesting how certain people can find ways to exploit humans that haven't been discovered before. That is the insidious nature of this attention based media. Youtube has similar dangers.

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  8. Zuckerburg not reacting on all these questions is PROOF of him NOT beeing the one who pulls the strings at FACEBOOK……
    He is just a face 😉

  9. Its so obvious that Zuckerberg and facebook are evil.. Why else would he keep dodging to answer certain questions. People can usually answer the questions if theres nothing to hide and he never does. But the problems doesnt go away by avoiding them, but they keep on coming and getting bigger. Eventually everything will come to the light.

  10. Politics is complicated and BS. Think about it. It’s all created by human and only care about their own elections and their own profit. In this conference, do they even ask about citizen’s safety, make the community better. Instead of asking about my own profit, my votes, n my elections. Always about my my my

  11. 2:12 Just how absurd this is… twitter is a social network, snapchat is too, youtube is also… what is your problem with this? Your comment is equivalent to saying that facebook has a monopoly on facebook…

  12. at 2:32 Zuckerberg is right. He has NOT (yet) a monopoly in his area. People do use non-FB tools like Telegram (which is gaining popularity rapidly) or Threema and even in the field of social media platforms itself there's a new revolutionary system about to go live (vitae). As for his "marketplace" there are lots of local and international platforms available (and have been around for a long time) (e.g. Vinted). So what Verhofstad and all thise idiots are insinuating is BS! FB is constantly changing, adding and evolving. In fact it are the members of the EU-parliament themselves whom undermine their own democracy (and stability of their respective local societies) with their exaggerated fees, wages and dishonesty. This is literally a case of: "The pot calling the kettle black"!

  13. If anyone in Ireland wants to comment on a public forum, they have to sign in on either a Facebook or Twitter account. Control of the Internet is complete in Ireland.

  14. This Devil at my workplace revealed to me a secret group on his Facebook, and he showed me a video of 2 people being skinned alive… I looked away as fast as I realised what I was witnessing.. it haunted me for a time. The Devil laughed and I realised there truly are Evil entities that allow this to happen. If Facebook AI tools or their overseers know this kind of content is allowed on private groups why can't they track and identify such users.

    There could be more in the argument but the Devil who showed me the video was laughing right, so content affects behaviour and so on and t his creates little demonic sub-cultures.. it's just a sad case of affairs. The internet has always been good/bad but you would think who ever watches could track this kind of element down and do something.

  15. Well Facebook is only the tips of the iceberg . We at this stage do need phones but not smartphones . On of the major gaint and a future threat is Google. No one is asking Google anything as it's hands are clear there is no controversy surrounding it,yet it holds data about billions of people and with the help of Android which is a monopoly. We need more secured devices than which we have ,we need our data erased all of them be it on Google , Facebook or anyother operating system or app . From past few years they have been collecting data from us now they will us it to control us . This is a existential emergency as these few handful people can fuel civil wars, controlled society fail of Government or even complete breakdown of society.

  16. Dear Mark Zuckerberg, stop exploiting the vulnerability of human psychology with your "product" = gossip. Someone used fb as a weapon and ruinned my job and career. Please SELL F***book and invest all your money on canned gefilte fish and matzo ball soups. You will make 10x the amount you've earned from FB and put Cambells Soup out of business, because people love chicken matzo ball soup and gefilte fish 😂 😂 😂 🤢 🤢 🤢

  17. … …. you do realize we could go back to, you know,not depending so much on social networks… right?
    We could use the internet to actually learn stuff and comunicate with only the people we absolutely NEED to. We could, as consumers, buy from only those close to us. We could set places and dates to have actual exchange of ideas. We could find jobs by having an actual walk-in interview.

    And I can hear you typing "without social networks, we couldnt fight the good fight"… yes we could, it would only take longer and be more civil… and we would have enough time to think about what we say before we say something pride wont let us take back.

    Damn age of stupidity, we could have become so much better through the last 30 yearsand we came up with this ultimate glorification of vanity and attention seeking. And I say "ultimate" beacuse I still have hope.

  18. I was a victim of Facebook negativities. I lost an account that was so dear to me to a hacker. I reported thousand of times to Facebook yet it was to no avail. Until now, I lost all my data.

  19. why does it seem so hard to regulate? it is not hard at all. all that telecommunication companies need to do is REGISTER each person that buys a SIM card, just like a POST PAID mobile phone or landline… It's as simple as a valid govt issued photo ID. THAT simple.

  20. Someone should ask this Zuckerberg about how it comes that FB Germany is obviously infiltrated with Stasi people? Just like all authorities in Germany also and times the control council laws dedicate themselves, because the NSDAP in the result nowadays only in many multicolored parties with new label divided and in the sum call themselves social democrats, all this became and is forbidden. But apparently all this is just a big show, otherwise you would hardly discuss with them and be in jail.

  21. FB using psychological enigeering to munipulate the human brain of 2.7 billion users. Governments worried about sharing data. 😂

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